The Best Things Are Not For Sale on Amazon

Best article I’ve read lately.  It’s called, “Still the Best Congress Money Can Buy” and in it Frank Rich says,

When it was reported just days before our election that Iran was protecting its political interests in Afghanistan’s presidential palace by giving bags of money to Hamid Karzai’s closest aide, Americans could hardly bring themselves to be outraged. At least with Karzai’s government, unlike our own, we could know for certain whose cash was in the bag.

 He says,

America needs…a leader or two or three — to restore not just honor or sanity to its citizens but governance that’s not auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Here’s the problem though Frank: leaders can’t restore anything.  Only American citizens can.  And the average American, if he/she votes at all, votes with his/her heart (if not from some place further south) because their heads are too busy with consumption, laziness, and cable TV. 

That’s why I gave up instructing martial arts in the conventional sense and started a new project.   When you teach it properly nobody shows up.  They want to strut the t-shirt but are unwilling to sweat, get hit in the face, and be sore half the time.

The best things in life are not for sale at Wal-Mart or on Amazon and can’t be tweeted.

Liberty, like most things worth having, is hard work.

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