The Third Party Caucus for Candidate X

Last night, following my son Robert’s survival of The Forge Trial and attainment of the rank of Athanor in Cabal Fang, Robert, Brother Ash and I discussed an interesting idea over coffee:  A third party internet caucus.

The Problem: In the current environment, voting for an alternative candidate tends to be a default red or blue vote in the final analysis.  With so many third party candidates in the running — the Green Party’s Jill Stein , the Justice Party’s Rocky Anderson, the entire field of various Libertarian candidates, etc. — the impact of a third party vote is fragmented.  In effect there isn’t a third party candidate.  There’s a fourth, a fifth, a sixth, etc.

The Solution: What if, we fantasized, everyone who wanted to see a third party candidate in office participated in an online caucus and agreed to vote for the same candidate?  Voila — no fragmentation.

Apparently there is a tangential idea being put forth by American’s Elect, but it’s not a true third party candidate.  Their idea is to use the internet to let the people nominate their candidate, which although interesting, still allows users to pick from GOPs or Dems.

What I’m proposing is a true internet third party caucus.  That is to say, a website where everyone who wanted a viable Third Party Candidate would gather and agree on a single candidate.  At least one poll shows that such a candidate would have a real possibility of winning, with 2/3 of respondents stating that America needs a Third Party.

I’m swamped with other projects and have neither the time nor the money to launch this idea.  But if you build it, I will come.  And I think there are plenty of other Americans who would come along.


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