High John the Conqueror by Brother Ash

My friend Brother Ash has released a non-fiction chapbook called High John the Conqueror.  Since I provided some artwork for the book I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy.

Although Hoodoo isn’t my direct field of expertise, I have read a great deal of occult material and I can testify that his book is a completely original and very practical guide for anyone interested in High John.

A search of Alibris shows there isn’t a single non-fiction book available on High John.  Professionally written and fully illustrated with color photos, High John the Conqueror by Brother Ash is the first and last word on this powerful spirit.

The eBook is available here or you can order a print copy from Brother Ash’s web store.

High John the Conqueror — Book Description from Smashwords

Many have heard of High John the Conqueror root, but did you know that High John is also a spirit that you can petition directly? In this pamphlet you will learn:

  • How to petition High John the Conqueror with a simple ritual.
  • Traditional offerings given to High John
  • How to make High John Oil
  • Easy Mojo Hands and Spells
  • Includes the full tutorial for Brother Ash’s Jack Ball including all pictures.






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