Books in the Works

The working title of my next book is The Fourteenth Mansion, the third in what I call my “Redneck Ul Series.”  A direct sequel to Ghilan, it will pick up four years later and open with a blue tarp fluttering in the wind behind a deserted barn.  A nightmare villain is stalking the city.  Ergie is wandering lost in the Pathways of the Tree of Life while his parent’s friends, a biker and his mute sidekick, search fruitlessly in every alley and filthy sump in five counties.  Is that Ergie’s body under the tarp, or someone else’s?  Are the ghilan that Ergie faced in the past his friends or his foes?

I call this my “Redneck Ul” series because the characters are, at least in part, rednecks (hey, you gotta write what you know) and because, ultimately, I’m working up to telling the story of a character I started fleshing out in the 1980s named Ul.  That will be a trilogy — Book 1 set in prehistoric times, Book 2 in the present, and Book 3 in the future.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Gotta finish The Fourteenth Mansion first.

I also have two short-stories partially done, two martial arts books at the formatter’s, and I’m collaborating on a non-fiction book with Brother Ash.

2013 is going to be a cracking-good year!


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