Ever Done Something Forbidden?

Have you ever done something that people just plain aren’t supposed to do — something that spiritually transformed you, or changed how you see, experience, or interact with the universe?

We want your true stories, your instructions, your experience, and your inspiration for a compilation called “Osculum Infame: Transgressive Rites and Rituals.

It might have been something with few physical implications, like camping out all night in a patch of suburban woods, skinny-dipping in the fake lake by your apartment, or pulling a “Tim Ferriss” by stretching out flat on your back in the middle of the mall to see what people would do.  Maybe you put a curse on someone you wronged you, blasted them with the evil eye or spat on their shadow.

Or maybe it was something with far-reaching implications, like worshiping a god you didn’t learn about in Sunday school or walking off your job and straight onto the Appalachian Trail.  Maybe you sold everything and joined a monastery, or left the monastery and became a cutthroat business mogul.  Maybe you performed an occult ritual in a public space like these guys did.

Whatever it is you did, we want to hear about it.  Submit your stories here — we won’t publish your name if you don’t want us to.

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