A Quote from David Lakota

David Lakota, Shaman Jedi Instructor, Captain of New Earth Army

So I was watching Doomsday Preppers the other day and there was a segment on David Lakota, an amazing guy with serious skills.

Although I can’t get behind everything he said on the show (like trusting only his relationship with the Creator when determining the edibility of wild plants or the safety of potable water) and some of the stuff on his blog seems way, way out there (like his New Earth Army Shaman and Jedi training program) he’s clearly a courageous fellow who’s not shy about his beliefs.  Just check out some of the far flung subjects he’s written about — bootcamp training, survivalism, shamanism, several expedition logs, and the list goes on!

But what I really liked was the quote he closed his segment with:

“The beaten path is for the beaten man.  In wildness is the preservation of the world.”

Anybody who can barefoot climb one of the highest peaks in the Hawaiian islands, look straight into the camera, and speak words like that is okay in my book.  Keep doing your thing David.

2 responses to “A Quote from David Lakota

  1. Aloha Robert Mitchell,

    I appreciate you being one of the few… something- someone other than a mindless sheep.

    it is apparent to me based upon the general nature of the comments that people are far more disconnected than I thought- at least those that have computers and watch videos on them.

    Fortunately, it doesn’t matter much what people think, especially when they are so far gone as to not even hear nature speak to them.

    Thanks again though, for finding something positive.

    By the way, the Doomsday Prepper show was fake, as are most so-called Reality Shows.


    Major Lakota
    US Task Force Delta cmdr.

    • Robert Mitchell

      Thanks so much for your comments. I know you are busy and I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment. Best wishes and all success in your endeavors!

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