Hiring a Publicist, Going Amazon, Current and Future Projects

Back when I was doing Eastern martial arts, long before I started Cabal Fang, we used to have a saying: “Analysis Paralysis.”  This happens when you’re standing in front of a stack of boards and realize that there is a 99% certainty that those boards will break, but only if you hit them as hard as you possibly can.  If you don’t hit them as hard as you can, the only thing that’s going to break is your hand.

When I published by first eBook last October I set a goal of 10 downloads a day, and got to work selling every way I knew how.  So far I’ve been hovering around 3/day — only 487 in the last five months.  So I decided to hire a Publicist.

Her name is Julia, and she made two suggestions at our first meeting.  She said,

  1. “You have to be on Amazon.  If you’re selling books and you’re not Amazon, you’re not in the marketplace.”
  2. “You have to invest in a custom URL.  If you don’t invest in your webspace, readers won’t take you seriously.”

So I immediately moved this blog to remitchelljr.com and started the process of putting Ghilan on Amazon.  It’s up there now — check it out.  For the record, I hadn’t plunged into the murky waters of that giant river because I blamed Amazon for the demise of the corner bookstore.  But Amazon runs deep and wide, and it’s where the buyers are.  You can’t argue with facts, and Julia was right.  Can’t wait to see how Ghilan performs at its new home!

Having a publicist should take some pressure off, free me up to write more, and generate increased sales.

I need more time to write because I’m currently working on my followup novel The 14th Mansion, compiling Osculum Infame: Transgressive Rites and Rituals and restructuring Wood Witch: A Wilding Workbook — all for Summer 2013 release.

The future is unwritten.  But one thing’s for sure.  If you don’t get aggressive, make investments of time, money, and sweat, you’re not going to get anywhere.

And if I don’t succeed in being a full-time writer it won’t be because I failed to hit it as hard as I can.

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