Fairy Pool Surprise

Fairy Pool at Bryan Park

Fairy Pool at Bryan Park

The first of the Five Vital Graces of Cabal Fang is Wonder.

A powerful sense of wonder inoculates against cynicism, encourages empathy and peace, and generally makes the colors of the world around seem brighter.

On a whim, with a few minutes to spare, I pulled the truck into the park and took a walk.  I saw may wondrous things, amazing things really.

Can I prove that, when I’m not around, fairies play in splash in this pool?  Of course not.  But I can imagine that they do.  I can hope that they do.  Because a world with fairy pools in it is a much more interesting world than a world without them.

And then I can go get back in the truck, and I run my errands.  I go and practice martial arts and think about self defense, and all the dangers and horrors that the world around me threatens.

But through it all I know that for every evil in the world there are a thousand beauties, and miracles, and wonders seen and unseen.

2 responses to “Fairy Pool Surprise

  1. *sigh*
    did you write that just to make me love you?

  2. Robert Mitchell

    You’re so sweet Moma!

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