Pizza and Music Old and New

photo(2)Decided I wanted pizza for cheat day, so the wife and I decided to roll down to Bottoms Up.

On the left is the Bottoms Up Loaded, and on the right the Greek.  Both were outstanding.

Everybody talks about how good Bottoms Up is, but this was my first time eating there.

That’s when you know you’re old.  You say things like, “let’s go try that new restaurant” when it actually opened in 1990, or “you should check out this awesome new band” when they’ve been around since 2003 (last year I discovered a “new” band called The Sword and I actually said that).

I no longer laugh at the old folks in my mother’s retirement community who sit around playing Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr. cassettes feeling the same way my 15-year-old might feel playing The Wytches (who are very cool if you like Lo-Fi Psychedelic Doom Surf).  Give them a play because they don’t suck — here’s a video.

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