Great Online Resources for Occultists

Most occultists are pretty good at finding what they need (which I suppose makes sense when you figure occult basically just means hidden).  If you’re a student of the occult you probably already know about these resources.  But just in case you don’t, here are four of my favorites:

The Online Books collection at University of Pennsylvania.  There are links to full scans of over 40,000 books on a variety of subjects.  For example, check out the selection of links on the subject of Demonology.

The University of California Digital Library.  Over 4 million books.  Ready the paddles; your heart may skip a beat.

The Internet Sacred Text Archive.  It is what it says it is.  Dig it.  It’s stated purpose is to introduce the world to the Urantia Papers, but there are a ton of cool old books on other subjects.  Check out The Angels and their Ministrations by Robert M. Patterson.  Nice.






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