O7H Workout and a Personal Update

It was a slow night at the Order of Seven Hills martial arts club last night — my son moved to Japan, my friend Charles is sidelined with an ankle sprain, and the members we lost over the winter haven’t come back yet.


Sometimes we have unexpected visitors at the park, like this little lady, a 12″ long painted turtle. Ain’t she cute? She wasn’t around last night.  This picture is from 4/26/14.

If you’re in the Richmond Area and you’ve always wanted to get in shape and learn martial arts, this would be a great time to come out. The club is free and open to the public. We meet outdoors, year-round, rain or shine at West End Manor Civic Association, 8600 Lakefront Drive, Henrico, VA 23294-6100. Meeting times are Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:30 PM and Saturdays from 3:30 to 5:00 PM.

But I digress.  Not one to slack, I got out the PTDICE and created a special workout.  10 rounds of 10 each of the following: Push-ups narrow, Bicycles, Jump Squats, Crunch legs up, and Jumping Jacks.  After that I did 4 rounds of Shadowboxing and kicking (3:00/1:00) and jogged out a mile.  Elapsed time: 45 minutes.


PTDICE workout from last night…

I’ve been super busy and distracted lately and haven’t been blogging much because:

  1. I had to put the finishing touches on the third and final novel in my trilogy (which is now at the formatter).  It’s called The 14th Mansion and should be up for pre-order in all the usual markets by the end of the month.
  2. I’ve been writing more eBooklets for the soon-to-be-revamped PTDICE website.   One of them is going to be called Cut: How to Lose Weight and Get the Muscle Definition you Always Wanted.  Which leads me to…
  3. I’ve been working out with a focus on getting lean.  Usually I’m just worried about aerobic capacity and self-defense capability, not what I look like.  It has been a frustrating adjustment, but one I’ve adapted to with success.  So far I’ve cut 11 pounds of body fat.  Cut is going to be a powerhouse little guidebook.
  4.  I submitted my short story “Ms. Ishmael’s Box” to Tor.com.
  5. I started taking photos for the forthcoming Calisthenics book.
  6. I experienced a devastating loss.  My mother-in-law died suddenly last week, and since she’s been living with my family since 2001, her departure has left a tremendous hole in our lives.  Just this morning I caught myself trying to be quiet in the kitchen so that I wouldn’t wake her up, and the loss hit home again.  Rusty was a great lady, and we miss her every day.  I have been able to edit existing projects and work out, but I’ve been too numb to come up with blog post ideas.

Anyway, that’s your update.  More to come.


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