Pardon me While my Head Symbolically Explodes

I was minding my own business, reading Inner Christianity by Richard Smoley (which is really as much about the innerverse as it is about the christianverse) and simultaneously working through the lessons in Modern Magick by Donald Michael Craig.  And then along comes my best friend Charles, and he posts a link to a video.

Nagging pain behind my right eye.  Stress fractures.  Pressure building.

Then, super smart guy and epic blogger Andrew Watt writes a post that mentions an older post of his that I had never read before about how to draw the Tree of Life.

Crash, boom, bam, my head explodes, kind of like that dude in the movie Scanners.  It turns out that the 100 A+ I earned in Geometry class forty years ago is far handier than the other kids said it would be.  Geometry is everywhere, and mathematical symbolism is powerful stuff.

Did you know that you can draw a bee line line between the tetractys (a pyramid of equilateral triangles) the Tarot card The World, the Four Worlds of Qabalistic mysticism, Jung’s four psychic functions (thinking, feeling, sensation, and intuition)?  Okay, maybe you did.

But did you also know that the symbol of Cabal Fang contains a triangle and a circle, which looks like a two dimensional representation of the tetractys emerging from a sphere, revealing a initiatory, martial way of seeing and interacting with the world?

Cabal Fang Cover SWThe Egyptians had their mysteries, as did the Greeks.  Revivalists like the Freemasons and the Golden Dawn created their own.  And then came Cabal Fang, bringing you the Martial Mysteries.

Sometimes a confluence of symbols spontaneously cracks open your head, which is good.  But the simplest and safest way to crack open someone’s head on purpose is to expose him or her to a well-crafted initiation.


One response to “Pardon me While my Head Symbolically Explodes

  1. A well-crafted initiation is wonderful. Sounds like my post had an effect very similar to a half-assed initiation after months or years of careful study, though. You were ready for it, even if the “crack initiatory squad” wasn’t actually up to the challenge.

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