Sanders, Snow, Icicles, Silliness and so On

This is me holding my giant mallet. I made it for working out, not for Donkey Kong cosplay.

This is me holding my giant mallet. I made it for working out, not for Donkey King cosplay.

I never write silly posts, which is weird because in person I’m often silly (especially with the kids and grandkids).  For some reason, when I pick up a pen or sit down in front of a keyboard, I shift into academic mode.

But last week was really sad, and I feel the need to write something silly and have a smile.  So now for something completely different.

One little bit of seriousness before we get silly.  As Chas Clifton pointed out in his comments on my post, it’s the youth we need to motivate to vote, not grandma and gramps.  So this Friday I’m throwing a “register to vote” party for my daughter’s friends who are turning 18 this year.  I’m buying food and providing them with voter registration forms, envelopes, and stamps.  And Bernie Sanders literature.  If we don’t vote for him in the primary we might not be able to beat Trump.


“Ralphie, you’re lucky it didn’t cut your eye! Those icicles have been known to kill people.”

Above you will notice a picture of yours truly holding a giant mallet that I made.  The moment I finished it and picked it up I was in hysterics.  Frankly, I’m surprised I was able to work out with the thing.  I mean, it’s so frickin’ comical, right?

And check out the incredibly sharp icicle.  Are you kidding me?  This is what Ralphie’s mom was talking about in A Christmas Story !

I have a love/hate relationship with the Star Wars franchise (loved it as a younger person but it increasingly grates on my Moorcockian sensibilities) so I’m throwing in a little potshot.

Now check out this Cher-themed tweet by way of my friend Charles:

Did you know that Dean Strang (one of the attorneys defending probably-framed-convicted-murderer Stephen Averyis considered by some to be a sex symbol?  I kind of get it.  I mean, he’s very open with his feelings, seems genuine, driven, and clearly doesn’t have any issues with commitment.  Watch him in action.   Oops, for a minute there I almost got serious!

And for my fellow martial artists, always be prepared to defend yourself against fruit.

All silliness has now been concluded.  I now return this blog to its originally scheduled program already in progress.


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