The World’s Most Difficult Sport (and your WOD)

Robert (L) and Charles (R).

The other day my buddy Charles ran into a former member of our  Cabal Fang martial arts club who said she left because our workouts are too hard.   A few days later my son Robert talked to a former member who’s going to return because he’s been missing the intensity of our workouts.

One step forward, one step back.  Our club never seems to grow beyond about a half dozen members.

Our lack of popularity is only indirectly related to the physical demands.  The Richmond Triathlon Club Facebook Group has 1300 members, Crossfit RVA has 2700, and 15,000 people ran in the 2015 Richmond Marathon.  All of those are hard, and they have tons of members.

We’re never going to be popular because what we do is mysterious, esoteric, initiatory, and non-mainstream.  The kinds of people who are fascinated by Cabal Fang –eccentrics, scholars, nerds, and esotericists — are not known for their love of challenging workouts.  

We can’t make Cabal Fang easier because (A) fitness is baked in to our model, especially into the initiations for rank advancement, (B) the mutual suffering of tail-pipe-sucking exhaustion is an essential ingredient in the fraternal glue that binds the group together, and (C) when martial arts are done with sincerity they are really hard.

According to a panel of 10 experts assembled by ESPN who ranked 60 sports by difficulty,  Boxing is the #1  most difficult.  Wrestling and Martial Arts come in at #5 and #6 respectively.  Cabal Fang isn’t a sport itself, but it includes elements of all three of those.  

Yes, Cabal Fang is hard. But we can’t make it easier without making it something else.



And now for your Cabal Fang WOD:

  • Kicks.  AMAYC in 15 mins.
  • PTDICE.  4 sets to failure of Full-stop Push-ups, Jump Squats, Mountain Climbers, Hindu Squats, and Pikes.

2 responses to “The World’s Most Difficult Sport (and your WOD)

  1. Lunch break 🙂

    To bastardize the words of the great Dr. Seuss:

    If you never did you should.

    (Hard) things are fun and fun is good!

    • Hahaha, Good one Bryan! I hope you got your package okay and that you’re enjoying the stuff! Have super weekend!

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