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Self-Destruct Sequence: T.I. #116

I guess I’m getting old.  Yesterday I did Self-Destruct Sequence in 36:52 — six minutes behind my record time of 30:20 back in March ’16. How about you give it a try? Post your times here in the comments and share … Continue reading

Boy’s Twelve: Cabal Fang Martial Arts Training Involution #146

Apparently boys were pretty fit back in ’45. Check out this little fitness drill called the “Army’s Daily Dozen” from the Boy’s Fun Book of Things to Make an Do (Grosset & Dunlap, New York 1945) pages 142-143.  It’s not … Continue reading

A Rough and Tumble Buck Walk in the Snow

Last month my martial arts club and I stared down the calisthenics nightmare known as Self-Destruct Sequence. World renowned coach Mark Hatmaker decided to play along and do it right along with us. So when Hatmaker suggested I try his … Continue reading

Mettlecraft Month 2018 Recap and T.I. #133

  The calisthenics nightmare that is Self-Destruct Sequence is a great way to find out if you scare easy.  But we stared it down.  And guess what we found out? We are capable of more than we ever thought possible. … Continue reading

T.I. #132 Update: Ramp up to SDS

T.I. #132: As “flow conditioning” for our attempt to set personal and/or club records on Thursday, complete a portion of Self-Destruct Sequence (“SDS”) up to 3 times/day until bedtime Wed. 11/28.  So far I’ve completed 10 iterations (see pic at right) at varying … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving: Training Involution #132

Happy Thanksgiving Cabal Fangers! I’m posting this week’s T.I. a couple of days early because we’ve got lots to do before Mettlecraft month ends in just eight days and you need time to work! Training Involution #132 Let’s all smash … Continue reading

I Suck and You Can Too

Earlier this month I tried and failed to beat my 2016 personal record at the calisthenics nightmare called Self-Destruct Sequence. But that’s not the point.   After that, two friends of mine, Scott and Leo, completed it for the first time with … Continue reading

Aletheia: Training Involution #131

Aletheia is the Greek goddess of truth, and she holds a mirror.  Why do you suppose that is? Aletheia: Training Involution #131 Are you still working on completing Self-Destruct Sequence in under 40 minutes?   If  so, take a shot at … Continue reading

Stand Tall: Training Involution #130

This month our martial focus is Mettlecraft and our internal, symbolic focus is the Staff. Mettlecraft month means we’re all digging deeper.  Those of us who haven’t licked Self-Destruct Sequence in under 40 mins quite yet are working our way … Continue reading

Cord and Rule Month 1 and Training Involution #129

Thursday night was the first new month under the new Cord and Rule program.  We reviewed our journals to demonstrate we’d done our homework and stamped up our rules accordingly.  The thud of the hammer and the visible mark on the … Continue reading