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Hermetic Dice, a Fire Sale, Book Update, WOOTW etc.

This has to be one of the most absurd titles in blogging history.  Hermetic Workout Dice?  Seriously?  Yes, seriously. Sometimes absurdity is a marker that indicates you are exploring new territory.  Sometimes the fool or jester is the one speaking … Continue reading

Cards, Dice, Art, and your WOD

Some people create stuff, and that takes guts.  Starch.  Balls.   Because when you create art, some people might not like it.  I’m always creating stuff, and I do so unafraid because I have to create.  To quote the late … Continue reading

PTDICE #CABALFANG #WOD and a review of Disintegration By Richard Thomas

Happy Friday! Feeling a little lazy today…here’s the little 15-minute PTDICE workout I did this morning. Put a #20 chain around your neck and complete a full pyramid to 7 of Prisoner Squats, Prison Push-ups, and Twisters (that’s 49 each). … Continue reading


PTDICE  (1/2 Pyramid to 10 of Wide Push-ups, Crunches w/ legs up, Dirty Dogs, Staggered Push-ups, Bicycles); Heavy Bag Kick Drill (6 x 2:00/1:00 as follows — single kicks for 2:00, shadowbox for 1:00, double kicks for 2:00, rest 1:00. … Continue reading


PTDICE Pyramid: Full Pyramid to 8 of Wide Push-ups, Leg Lifts, Zombie Squats.

PTDICE + Chain, Lead Leg Kick Drill #CABALFANG #WOD

PTDICE + CHAIN (Drape #20 chain over shoulders. 4 sets to failure of Prison Push-ups, Zombie Squats, Sit-ups, Full Stop Push-ups, Rear Lunges); Lead Leg Kicking Drill (Side kick heavy bag 1x, then 2x, then 3x, etc. up to 6x, … Continue reading


PTDICE (1/2 Pyramid to 12 of Hop/clap Push-ups, J/Jacks, Side Lunges); BIKE  (15 mins AFAYC) #cabalfang #WOD


PTDICE (2 sets to failure of Prison Push-ups, Hindu Squats, Knuckle Push-ups, Reverse Crunches); RUN (Add +33% to your max easy distance, go as fast as you can without breaking stride) #cabalfang #WOD


PTDICE (As many sets as possible in 8 mins of 20 Prisoner Squats and 20 Wall Touches); CHUCKS (or secondary weapon, 15 mins); MEDITATION  (or Contemplation, 10 mins) #cabalfang #WOD


PTDICE PYRAMID: Full pyramid to 10 of Knuckle Push-ups, Jackknifes, Dirty Dogs, Prison Push-ups, and Flutter Kicks. Get it done in 30 mins or less. #cabalfang #WOD