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Martial Arts Weapons: Loose Grips Sink Ships

Reading a popular martial arts magazine yesterday I came across an article about two lifetime achievement award winners. They are both martial arts legends. I cringed. Look at the way they are holding their weapons in the photos below. Is … Continue reading

Grip Strength Training Dos and Don’ts

“Patience Grasshopper, sit here and talk with me a moment before I pass on the knowledge which you seek…” Okay, that’s an exaggeration.  I’m no Master Po or Master Kan when it comes to grip strength.  But I do know a thing … Continue reading

500 Kicks (23:43), Grip workout @cabal_f

500 Kicks (23:43), Grip workout @cabal_fang #WOD

Grip Strength (again) — i.e. “The Man Who Couldn’t Quit”

The package arrived and I opened it with equal parts excitement and fear.  As I tore open the packaging and touched the aluminum handles, out wafted the smell of light machine oil and the distant aroma of burning tendons… I … Continue reading

Taking Up the Grip Strength Challenge (Again)

I have been trying for years to get my grip strength up to the top 1% level (see previous posts).  So far I’ve only been able to get to what I would consider the “above average” level, followed immediately by … Continue reading

Update on Pull-up Master Plan and the #2 Gripper

I have blogged about grip strength before — about hand health and my quest to shut the Ironmind #2 gripper — and about my plan to master the dreaded Pull-up.  Now it’s time to fess up.   I went to the … Continue reading

Grip Strength Revisited

In a previous post I discussed how to build grip strength. After a thumb dislocation at the martial arts cluband some healing time, I’m back at the routine – but I’ve made two major changes: I’ve cut the number of … Continue reading

How to Build Grip Strength

Although I’m a small man (5′ 8″, 145 lbs with hands the size of a 14-year-old girl) I have been able to build a surprising amount of grip strength (surprising to me anyway).    As a point of reference, the … Continue reading

Dirt, Bugs and Mud: Mettle Maker #270

Changing are coming folks — when Mettle Maker #271 posts Sat. 8/7 the non-profit’s new brand name will drop, and alll my projects (Cabal Fang, St. Barachiel’s, Bobcat, and this blog) will roll up beneath it. Read more here. Many … Continue reading

Slip and Fall: Mettle Maker #247

Heads up!  This week’s mettle maker contains a coupon code for a flash sale at Mitch’s General Store so read on. Slip and Fall: Mettle Maker #247 Warm-up thoroughly for at at least 8 minutes.  Do 2-3 minutes each of … Continue reading