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Martial Arts Weapons: Loose Grips Sink Ships

Reading a popular martial arts magazine yesterday I came across an article about two lifetime achievement award winners. They are both martial arts legends. I cringed. Look at the way they are holding their weapons in the photos below. Is … Continue reading

Grip Strength Training Dos and Don’ts

“Patience Grasshopper, sit here and talk with me a moment before I pass on the knowledge which you seek…” Okay, that’s an exaggeration.  I’m no Master Po or Master Kan when it comes to grip strength.  But I do know a thing … Continue reading

500 Kicks (23:43), Grip workout @cabal_f

500 Kicks (23:43), Grip workout @cabal_fang #WOD

Grip Strength (again) — i.e. “The Man Who Couldn’t Quit”

The package arrived and I opened it with equal parts excitement and fear.  As I tore open the packaging and touched the aluminum handles, out wafted the smell of light machine oil and the distant aroma of burning tendons… I … Continue reading

Taking Up the Grip Strength Challenge (Again)

I have been trying for years to get my grip strength up to the top 1% level (see previous posts).  So far I’ve only been able to get to what I would consider the “above average” level, followed immediately by … Continue reading

Update on Pull-up Master Plan and the #2 Gripper

I have blogged about grip strength before — about hand health and my quest to shut the Ironmind #2 gripper — and about my plan to master the dreaded Pull-up.  Now it’s time to fess up.   I went to the … Continue reading

Grip Strength Revisited

In a previous post I discussed how to build grip strength. After a thumb dislocation at the martial arts cluband some healing time, I’m back at the routine – but I’ve made two major changes: I’ve cut the number of … Continue reading

How to Build Grip Strength

Although I’m a small man (5′ 8″, 145 lbs with hands the size of a 14-year-old girl) I have been able to build a surprising amount of grip strength (surprising to me anyway).    As a point of reference, the … Continue reading

Undeceived: Martial Arts Training Involution #184

It is Mettlecraft Month at Cabal Fang!  This year’s goal of 100 Bodybuilders in under 20 minutes.  Play the home game and do it with us!  Post links to photoes, blogs and videos in the comments below.  We’re taking our shot … Continue reading

Hatmaker’s Readiness Test — Part 2

If you missed Part 1 in this series, click here.  In a nutshell, author and martial arts coach Mark Hatmaker recently posted The Self-Resilient Readiness Test  and I’m working my way through them to assess my ability to self-rescue. Mark’s … Continue reading