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Hermetic Warrior: Training Involution #108

May’s Cabal Fang concentrations were Wrestling and the Hourglass.  But since we gave over one session to a member trial and were several times forced by rain into doing stand-up work inside the park shelter, we decided to carry over both … Continue reading

My New Year’s Resolution: Exploring Holy Communion

Yesterday I started a day early making good on my New Year’s resolution: I performed my first public Holy Communion.  Sure, it was on Youtube, but I think that counts as “public.”  My plan is to do begin supporting a … Continue reading

The 50 Most Influential Books

Nobody does anything in a vacuum, sure as heck not yours truly.  We all stand on the shoulders of giants! Many giants have taught, mentored and helped me in my search for martial and spiritual knowledge — some of them … Continue reading

Hermes’ Winged Helm and Workout of the Week #74

This week I’m going to hook you up with a little knowledge lecture about Hermeticism.  Why?  Two reasons: Because Hermeticism is the backbone of the spirituality of Cabal Fang, And people often ask what the hell Hermeticism has to do with martial … Continue reading

The Hourglass and Cabal Fang Workout of the Week #43

In Cabal Fang the hourglass symbolizes our foundations in Hermetic concepts.  What’s Hermeticism? Well, if you made a list of the most influential spiritual traditions in human history, Hermeticism has to be in the top 25.   It ushered in … Continue reading

Paper Copies now Available on Amazon

Paper copies of my recently completed book Cabal Fang: Complete Martial Arts Study Course from Querent to Elder are now available from Amazon and Createspace. If you’d prefer the ebook, there’s still time to pre-order for $5.99 before it releases on … Continue reading

Lachman, Chicago and Workout of the Week #33

Last week I was in Chicago on business.  Thursday was cloudy, misting rain and 40º F.  I could’ve easily stayed inside and called for lunch delivery.  But my hosts wanted Gene & Jude’s, and since the place is world famous, … Continue reading

Big Announcement and WOOTW #13

Cabal Fang is now a proud sponsor of the Hermetic Library!  See there below?  That’s us, right there in the middle! The Hermetic Library is an amazing resource for anyone interested in Hermeticism, the Western Mystery Tradition, or the Perennial Wisdom. … Continue reading

You’re a Hermeticist? What’s that?

Yes, I’m a Hermeticist. More precisely a Christian Hermeticist. What’s a Hermeticist? Someone who studies or practices Hermeticism, which is a philosophy based on wisdom teachings attributed to a mythical figure called Hermes Trismegistus, a conflation of the Greek god … Continue reading

Dispelling Bad Magic, The New Temple, etc.

The other day somebody asked me some questions about Cabal Fang, and those questions made it pretty clear that this somebody really didn’t understand who we are and what we’re trying to do with the martial art of Cabal Fang. … Continue reading