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Mettlecraft Month is Here!

Well, it’s that time of year again — Mettlecraft Month at Cabal Fang.  Remote students of Cabal Fang past and present — please play along and share your progress in the comments and/or share videos of yourself facing the challenge!   … Continue reading

Mettlecraft Month 2018 Recap and T.I. #133

  The calisthenics nightmare that is Self-Destruct Sequence is a great way to find out if you scare easy.  But we stared it down.  And guess what we found out? We are capable of more than we ever thought possible. … Continue reading


    \Met”tle*craft\, n.  mettle [E. metal, used in a tropical sense in allusion to the temper of the metal of a sword blade; substance or quality of temperament; spirit, esp. as regards honor, courage, fortitude, ardor, etc.; See {Metal}.] + -craft [AS. cr[ae]ft … Continue reading

100 Bodybuilders: Martial Arts Training Involution #185

November is Mettlecraft Month at Cabal Fang and the time has come to face the 100 Bodybuilder Challenge!  Go get it done.  Post links to photos, blogs and videos in the comments below. We took a shot at it on … Continue reading

Undeceived: Martial Arts Training Involution #184

It is Mettlecraft Month at Cabal Fang!  This year’s goal of 100 Bodybuilders in under 20 minutes.  Play the home game and do it with us!  Post links to photoes, blogs and videos in the comments below.  We’re taking our shot … Continue reading

Khufu Point: Martial Arts Training Involution #183

It is Mettlecraft Month at Cabal Fang!  Last year we all faced “Self-Destruct Sequence.”  It was amazing — read about it here.  This year we’re going after the cord and rule program goal of 100 Bodybuilders in under 20 minutes which … Continue reading

Bodybuilders: Martial Arts Training Involution #182

It is Mettlecraft Month at Cabal Fang.  What does that mean?  Well, during Mettlecraft Month we make it a point to ask just a little more of ourselves than normal — we test, and build, our mettle.  For more on … Continue reading

Action Figure: Training Involution #134

The Cabal Fang external focus of the month is Spirit and the internal focus is the Rose (prayer).  How in the world, you may wonder, can an external focus be Spirit?  By putting your insides on the outside — by … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving: Training Involution #132

Happy Thanksgiving Cabal Fangers! I’m posting this week’s T.I. a couple of days early because we’ve got lots to do before Mettlecraft month ends in just eight days and you need time to work! Training Involution #132 Let’s all smash … Continue reading

Stand Tall: Training Involution #130

This month our martial focus is Mettlecraft and our internal, symbolic focus is the Staff. Mettlecraft month means we’re all digging deeper.  Those of us who haven’t licked Self-Destruct Sequence in under 40 mins quite yet are working our way … Continue reading