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Going Powhatan #5: Virginia Algonquian Autodidacticism

Been a while since I posted on the “Going Powhatan” subject, so I figured I’d drop a post so you don’t get the idea I’ve stopped working. As for learning the Virginia Algonquian language  — a.k.a. “Powhatan” — it’s been … Continue reading

Going Powhatan #4: Going to the Library

I live in Henrico County, VA.  I used to think we have a nice library system.  I was wrong.  We actually have a scintillating library system. Back in November, as I was lining up resources and information for my Going … Continue reading

Going Powhatan #3: Training the Hunter

Last year I wrote a post about the formidable faculties of the cricket frog in which I made the connection between predator-prey behaviors and the birth of meditation and contemplation.  Since that time I’ve started to make even more connections.  … Continue reading

Going Powhatan #2: Bathing Cold

The first book I read about the natives of Virginia was Helen C. Rountree’s The Powhatan Indians of Virginia: Their Traditional Culture.   It’s the most referenced book on the subject written to date, and Rountree is the foremost living expert … Continue reading

Going Powhatan #1: Speaking Powhatan

According to the National Museum of the American Indian, over 500 native languages were spoken in North America prior to European contact.  Of those 500 languages, the Catalog of Endangered Languages reports that only 150 are still spoken today.  There … Continue reading

Going Powhatan: Introduction

I’ve been into primitive skills, nature appreciation, and survival for twenty years.  But when I read a book about monks in October of 2020 — yes, a book about monks — something really clicked.   And after reading this book I … Continue reading

General Update: Powhatan, Martial Arts, Temple, etc.

If you try to stay in place the world will pass you by.  Like the vine of the grape, we must grow and climb or else we will stagnate and be overgrown. Things are changing in these parts, so watch … Continue reading

Ruffle: Mettle Maker #262

¹ruffle \rəf·əl\  vb 1. to roughen or abrade 2. to stand up (as in feathers or a collar) 3. to flip through as in the pages of a book 4. to fold back and forth in accordion fashion ²ruffle \rəf·əl\  … Continue reading


SISSIP katapeuk papasow nehapi metoci shacahocan sissip apiw numeskotut aminekarak nummabukkamut This poem is in Virginia Algonquian a.k.a. Powhatan.  Here it is in English: BIRD Spring, it is sunrise I sit like a stone A bird sits on my leg … Continue reading

Amonsokwat: Mettle Maker #259

The other day I posted about learning the extinct Virginia Algonquian language (a.k.a. “Powhatan”).  As part of this project I’m forcing myself to write in my diary using only Powhatan words, which forces me to learn the language.  I’m a … Continue reading