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Training Randomness in Martial Arts

Over the years I’ve talked a deal about the importance of introducing randomness into martial arts training.  Although some things seem to mesh better with linear progression training, like lifting weights (for me at least), introducing some randomness into training … Continue reading

Random Workout Generator

Random workouts are a fun way to shake things up. They’re a particularly cool idea for martial artists.   If you want to be ready for anything real life throws at you, try throwing unpredictable stuff at yourself in the … Continue reading

Live from TN: Martial Arts Training Involution #168

This weekend my son and I are in TN at Western Warrior Boot Camp 2019 – here are some road trip pictures. Full recap coming later. In the meantime, in keeping with the theme of pragmatic, Western martial arts, this … Continue reading

GOGGLES a poem

GOggles I remember what you wore When we met on Jersey’s shore A simple flirtation I had no expectations And then that encounter in Majorca And in again in Cuyahoga The last time it stuck No idea what we were … Continue reading

One Shining Hour: Cabal Fang Martial Arts Training Involution #159

Exclusive of warm up, transitions and cool down, this T.I. is one hour of action. Make this your shining hour. Put out like this is your one shot for an Olympic gold medal or it’s your black belt exam.  Put … Continue reading

The HPP OTM Protocol

Update (11/13/2018):  I just realized that I forgot to report on our findings.  After a of doing the HPP-OTMs, we all agreed that they were fun, they really pushed us to O2Max, and they were a nice change of pace.  … Continue reading

Conditioning Run Protocol

4/10/18 UPDATE: I added a couple of wrinkles to the notation to allow for more variants.  Enjoy! The new Cabal Fang Training Involution scheme is laser-focused on building the knowledge, will, daring, composure, physical fitness and mettle to defend yourself and … Continue reading

Drawing Instead of Rolling and WOOTW #73

A few weeks ago I promised to explain the new element I added to my workout system — the little wooden paint stirrers you see on the right. The basic idea is that the workout regimens of martial artists, who … Continue reading

Take One of Each: Workout of the Week #71

The Cabal Fang Workout of the Week is a three-parter that starts with an analysis of your workout plan. If you’re training in Cabal Fang you are already keeping a training log or journal.  But if that’s all your doing, … Continue reading

Truth and Consequences: Cabal Fang Workout of the Week #50

The other day I posted a video analysis of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.  One of the things I mentioned was the nature and symbolism of Prince Philip’s Sword of Truth and Shield of Virtue. During his fight with Maleficent in her … Continue reading