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The Three Reasons Why Martial Arts Are Always Spiritual (and WOOTW #67)

I’ve had many conversations with my son, my friends and my workout partners trying to get to the bottom of this question: Why do martial arts have a profound spiritual effect on people? In 9 out of 10 folks there … Continue reading

At the Crossroads of Arete and WOOTW #66

I just finished re-reading Robert Pirsig’s book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for the third time.  It gets better every time I read it.  Haven’t read it?  You should fix that. Anyway, one of the ideas central to … Continue reading

Alchemical Transformation and WOOTW #64

This week’s workout is in video format.  Enjoy!

My America and WOOTW #63

Here in the good ol’ USA we just celebrated July 4th, Independence Day. Despite all the nastiness and acrimony of the recent presidential election, despite all the political rhetoric and the vitriolic spew surrounding Trump, I find myself feeling more … Continue reading

My New Every Day Carry (“EDC”) and WOOTW #62

Recently I’ve had several meaningful conversations with friends and acquaintances inside and outside the martial arts regarding the subject of “EDC” or “every day carry” — referring to pocket knives, pistols or what-have-you.  I used to carry a tactical folder with assisted … Continue reading

Updates: Travel, 501(c)3 Status, WOOTW, etc.

Temple Fund Recycling Efforts See slideshow above.  I’ve been accumulating aluminum and other recyclables to benefit the Cabal Fang Temple Fund.  This past Saturday I took the first batch up to C&C Cullet on Route 1.  Four bags of aluminum … Continue reading

Putting Out and WOOTW #60

Big Black a.k.a. Christopher Boykin — who just passed away last month of a heart attack at age 45 — had this catchphrase that I like.  It’s simply “Do work.”  And what that basically means is that you need to … Continue reading

Hitchhikers: Y or N? — and WOOTW#59

Last Sunday I was out running errands in my truck and a nondescript lady  who seemed to pushing 60 years of age flagged me down in the Starbucks parking lot.  I pulled over and rolled down the window a crack. … Continue reading

Sacred Geometry Exercise Part 2 and WOOTW #54

Last week, as part of the Cabal Fang Workout of the Week, I suggested a meditative drawing exercise in sacred geometry that, if you did it, basically looks like the GIF on the right. The day I posted that exercise … Continue reading

Syncretic Symbols, Sacred Geometry and WOOTW #53

Last week I posted about how certain symbols and ideas just keep showing up across time and cultures.  Now I see an article which points out that things often reappear because people love to borrow and re-use things that are powerful, … Continue reading