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O2 Killer WOD

I inherited an O2 meter from my mother.  It’s fun to put this thing on when you finish a workout.  See photo at right — It said 79%/160 bpm but by the time I got out my phone and snapped the … Continue reading

Pot Luck: My Psychic Watch, Social Trees and WODs

Today’s post is a peculiar little potluck of nubbin ends. Yesterday morning I got out my father’s watch and it gave me goosebumps.  Once a month or so I get out his watch and wear it when I want to look … Continue reading

Romaine Tacos and A WOD That’ll Fry Your Wontons

It’s been a while since I put up one of my quick-n-dirty, four-ingredients-or-less recipes.  So let me show you what I had for dinner one night last week and then give you a WOD that will fry your butt into a crispy … Continue reading

A New Offer and Your O2Max WOD

  Stay tuned for the WOD that follows this special offer because it is a real beauty.  Seriously. But first… From now until January 1st 2016, if you sign up for the Cabal Fang Distance Learning Program,  which is only … Continue reading

Your WOD and Three Genius Actors

What the…?  Did you know that Robert Forster (from the movie Jackie Brown) is a member of the Tripe Nine Society (people with IQ higher than the 99.9%)? And how about that James Franco?  He got his BA in English from UCLA … Continue reading

Grab Bag: A Film Review, Penny Wisdom, WOD etc.

Today’s post is a grab bag of miscellaneous stuff. A film review.  Last night the wife and I watched Hidden, a truly original horror film with a couple of great twists.  It stars Alexander Skarsgård, Andrea Riseborough (remember her from Birdman?) … Continue reading

Physical and Spiritual Respiration and Your WOD

In response to a post by my virtual buddy Andrew, I wrote the following comment which I believe is a very important thing to keep in mind, both spiritually and physically.  Or maybe not.  I could be wrong.  Anyway, dig … Continue reading

WOD: Stick Fighting Fitness, Command, & Mastery

Today’s WOD addresses every aspect of using your stick as a weapon.  It combines fitness, mobility, and technique, including familiarity with and control of your weapon, and it can be done by martial artists of any stripe using a stick of any type or description. … Continue reading

The Hermetic Formula (and a WOD)

What is Hermeticism, and why should we care? Hermeticism is a spiritual philosophy that claims to be the perennial philosophy, the Ageless and Primordial Wisdom.  Based on an ancient document known as The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, whose most … Continue reading

Mystic Nutrition Facts (and your WOD)

A while back I posted a little mindfulness exercise that, for reasons unfathomable, hasn’t been all that popular.  Maybe if I rapped it, people would grasp it?  Momma didn’t raise to quitter, so here it is again, finger on the … Continue reading