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A Real Ball-breaker of a Boxing WOD

Why do I do this stuff to myself?  Why do you follow this blog?  These are the unanswerable questions… A Real Ball-Breaker of a Boxing WOD Set timer for 10 x 2:00/1:00.  Work your double-end ball ( Shadowbox if you … Continue reading

Did You Know…? (And a WOD)

First your Cabal Fang Workout of the Day, and then a little bout of “Did you know?” The theme of today’s WOD is is grappling, a.k.a. the clinch, a.k.a. stand-up wrestling, and the workout itself is a puke-inducing two-parter as … Continue reading

The Tentacle Porn Reclassification (and your WOD)

Out of the frying pan and into the fire. For some reason I had this idea that my books would fare better if reclassified as Supernatural Romance instead of as Horror.   Maybe it had been preconceived notions or simple machismo that … Continue reading

Hey Guys, Let’s Circle Up (and Your WOD)

It’s getting dark early now that we’ve done the whole Daylight-Savings-Time-Fall-Back-thing.  Pretty soon the martial arts club will be going to Winter hours, canceling Tuesday nights and meeting Saturday afternoons only. I shot this video on Tuesday.  This is the … Continue reading

My Tajine Recipe, More Temple Pics, and your WOD

Every since I read the book Wind, Sand and Stars by Antoine De Saint-Exupery I’ve had a fascination with North Africa and its flavors.  I experimented with Moroccan cooking and spiced coffees for months, and then I kind of got out of it. … Continue reading

Archangel Barachiel and Your WOD

Today’s Cabal Fang WOD is a three-parter, as follows: Half-pyramid to 12 of: Hop or Clap Push-ups, Flutter Kicks, Prisoner Squats (that’s a total of 78 each). Two-kick Combos vs. Heavy Bag: Set timer for 1 min.   Kick bag … Continue reading

Your WOD — Which Includes Ground-fighting Conditioner #4

Here’s your 3-Part Cabal Fang WOD (“Workout of the Day”).  Intermediate players add a weighted vest to Part 2 (I used a #10): 8-minute Blast.  As many sets as you can in 8 minutes of 10 Steam Engines, 10 Zombie Squats, … Continue reading

Three Realizations and Your WOD

It’s funny how, if you don’t give up, your spiritual and intellectual vision gets ever more acute and insightful.  I think that’s what they call wisdom?  Anyway, I’ve had several significant realizations lately, all of which coalesced after reading the Alan … Continue reading

Some Helpful Tips and Facts and Your WOD

Here’s a grab bag of miscellany for a Friday — the Workout of the Day is at the bottom. 1)  Since I stopped using Swedish snus (spitless tobacco) I have been hungry.  How hungry?  Ravenous.  At all times.  Yes, I … Continue reading

Super Cool News: Pentagons, Coffee, Islam, Bernie, and a WOD

First a magnificent miscellany of super cool news: Attack on the pentagon results in discovery of new mathematical tile: Three geniuses at the University of Washington Bothell discovered the first new pentagonal tiling in 30 years.  Geometry is super cool.  And coming soon to … Continue reading