Bradbury Challenge: Weeks 13, 14, and 15

My modified version of the Bradbury Challenge continues…

To be truthful, I’ve been working on this challenge since late July and the pressure is getting to me.  I really need to finish my re-write of The 14th Mansion, and writing a short story a week is sucking up vital writing resources (commonly referred to head space).  But hey, if it being a writer was easy, everybody with a laptop would be J. K. Rowling, wouldn’t they?

Week 13: I wrote a story called Titans Rising, a tale that uses surreal imagery to explore the relationship between humanity and technology.  Wasn’t quite able to finish the story, but in keeping with the spirit of the challenge, I moved on.

Week 14: I penned G.E.M., a story about the next step beyond Technologically Enhanced MindfulnessGenetically Enhanced Mindfulness, or G.E.M.  What happens when a particular spiritual viewpoint is embedded in your DNA and you can’t think the way you want to?

Week 15: This week I’ll come up with a new idea, and if there’s time, go back and finish Titan’s Rising.

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