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SHIFT Issue #9: Rolling Valleys, Demon Slaying and the Arehkan

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Where the demons are, the tracks of the “arehkan,” how to escape a standing Scarf Hold and the fairy tale “The White Snake”

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SHIFT #8: Orion, the Woodland Peewee and More

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I Know What We Did This Summer

big run hike

Robert, me and Morgan at the Big Run overlook

My son and his family re-located to Japan.  It is profoundly sad to have them so far away from me.  But rather than be all weepy and mopey, I’m focusing on the positive.

For one thing, I’m really proud I have a son who’s smart enough to land a high-powered international job and courageous enough to take it.

Deadlift weights

My son lifting with the new Deadlift rig

For another, my son and I had an incredible couple of months.  Due to COVID-related visa snags, my daughter-in-law and two oldest grandsons were allowed in first.  They went over in June to get the boys in school on time.  My son wasn’t allowed in until earlier this week.  This gave us more one-on-one time than most thirty-something sons and almost-sixty-year-old dads can manage.

In no particular order, here’s a rundown of what we accomplished together followed by a photo collage.

  1. Trained martial arts together many times
  2. Hiked Cold and Pleasant Mountains with my daughter Morgan and crew
  3. Installed a new dishwasher
  4. Went shooting
  5. Vistited Patrick Henry’s Scotchtown
  6. Watched the entire Firefly TV series
  7. Sculpted the Petrænigma and wrote the secret codes and ciphers
  8. Built a Deadlift machine
  9. Lifted weights together — with his help and insight I broke my plateaus and set PRs in every lift!
  10. Hiked Big Run Gap with Morgan (it was hot Hell’s front porch and I nearly croaked)
  11. Cleaned out the spare bedroom and created my new office
  12. Built a shelf to hold my cargo boxes
  13. Played RPGS a half-dozen times — got Mo and Jack to play for the first time! — and planned improvements to the Spaz Zone vehicle maneuver rules too
  14. Replaced the backdoor threshold on the rental house
  15. Put the TV in my wife’s crafting area onto a swinging mount

And by the way, the subject of this post is a play on a movie title.  Did you get it?



To be hard is just too easy
and too forceful’s my jam
so I retire to a garden of roses
slow down my wicked left hand
breathe out and breathe in
make time for the art of giving in

Hesychast by fire light
the candles and the joss
staring at the jointed icons
burning off the dross
baptismal fluid drowns
thirsty desert air
heat waves rise and bake
dense as rock I forget
the fluid that will slake

Roses wilt, sere are petals
fall, fall, fall
forgotten memories return
of my first initiation
of the following repast
and I recall the missing element

“Hey Mitch, what’s this poetry thing all about?” I want to collaborate with Blue Öyster Cult and I’m hoping the Öyster Boys will think this would make a good lyric.

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The cover to my book “Chatters on the Tide” inspired by the music of Blue Öyster Cult

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June 2020 Backpacking Adventure Video

This past weekend I went on an amazing backpacking trip with my youngest daughter and her fiance, one of her friends, my son, and my brother-in-law.

We hiked the Cold Mountain and Pleasant Mountain trails in the George Washington National Forest. Highly recommended — many scenic overlooks, beautiful trails, plenty of backcountry dispersed camping sites, ample water sources (don’t forget your water purification equipment!).

One of the best hikes I’ve ever done. I just wish I was a better photographer. Because the full moon on Saturday night was out of this world.

SHIFT Issue #3

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My Top 10 Most Influential Albums

My daughter’s fiance Jack is a cool kid, as well as a very talented musician and singer.  So when he challenged me to blog my Top 10 most influential albums, I had to answer the call.   

Some records have influenced the world, and some of influenced me as an individual.  The latter is what this post is about — the ten most personally influential albums.  So, without further ado, not ranked by rating but rather in the order in which I heard them, are My Top 10 Most Influential Albums…

  1. Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IV (1971).  It was summertime, probably 1974, and the next-door neighbor was working on his ’65 Galaxie 500 with the radio on.  I was taking out the trash when Black Dog came on.  It was the first hard rock song I ever heard and the cat was out of the bag forever.  Eventually I got the album and listened to it about a million times.
  2. The Beatles — Abbey Road (1969).  I was sitting on the floor with my two uncles, Jim and Tom, listening to the Beatles for the first time, and I knew my head would never be the same.  By the end of the day I had heard several hours of their stuff.  It was too much for one brain to hold.
  3. Jerry Lee LewisThe Session (1973).  Dad liked country and Mom liked a little bit of everything — but her favorite artist was Jerry Lee.  This record changed me.  Jerry Lee infuses tunes of every genre with his unique redneck flair.  Guests include include Albert LeeAlvin Lee, Mick Jones, and Peter Frampton.
  4. Blue Öyster Cult — Some Enchanted Evening (1978).  The Öyster Boys are my favorite band, and this was the record that opened Pandora’s box.  Listen with caution lest you get pulled into the orbit of this Saturnian ensemble — sucked into a swirling kaleidoscope of biker rock, occult musings, and stun guitar.  On the other hand, maybe you shouldn’t fear the reaper after all…
  5. Cashmere Jungle Lords — Oodjie-Boodjie Night-Night (1987).  How do describe the Lords?  Southern Fried Surfabilly?  Western Surf Jungle Rock?  Neo-primitive Twang-a-Dang?  I don’t know, but it’s great fun.  This record didn’t come out until ’87 but I was hearing the songs in the early 80s because the lead singer, Dominic Carpin, was a college roommate of mine, and he taught me a lot about music — about how hard and painful it is to make, and what’s good, and what’s bad.  They’re still going strong.  Go see e’m.  Tell Dominic, Mitch sent you.  And yes, like the Beatles, their name is misspelled on purpose.
  6. The PoliceSynchronicity (1983).  I was basically still a kid, but I was married with a kid when this record hit the radio and sliced it in half like a batarang.   I was trying to figure out what what being an adult meant and how to do it.  This record is forever tangled up in my tangled-up 80’s head and it’ll never come out.
  7. Ratt — Out of the Cellar (1984).  Go ahead, be a hater.  I don’t care what you say, Ratt is the best of the 80s hair metal bands, and this record bangs from cut to cut.  There’s a reason why they got a Geico commercial.  Kiss, eat your heart out.
  8. KyussBlues for the Red Sun (1992).  This was part of the rotation when I got my 5 hour chest tattoo done by a wall-eyed Pall Mall smoking maniac with an IQ of 160 named Maxx.  These songs are slow even when fast, are brutal even when soft.  I know that makes no sense.  You just have to listen to it.  And by the way, Josh Homme should’ve kept doing this instead of moving on to Queens of the Stone Age (there, I said it).
  9. The SwordAge of Winters (2006).  Another record from the Maxx rotation.  Long before GOT became an HBO phenomenon, these heavy metal rock geeks gave GRRM a nod with this album title.  In an alternate reality time warp, Age of Winters was a groundbreaking 1974 album that went platinum.  Somehow it manages to sound old and new at the same time.  Best played on 11 while driving to work like I did for about a year after I bought it.
  10. Steve EarleI’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive (2011).  I was really disappointed when I heard that Steve was going to put out a book and record combo.  I thought he was selling out, that it was some kind of creepy media deal.  But I bought them both anyway, and soon realized that Steve Earle is one of the most talented people in the history of the planet.  The book I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive is one of the best novels I have ever read — pure hayseed Dostoevsky — and the record is devastating.  Yes, Steve Earle is that good.

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Christianity for Doubters 10: The Easter Miracle

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