Zines for Sale!

spvol3The revamp of PTDICE.COM is finally done, and all of the new ‘zines are up for sale.  Now you don’t have to wait for RVA Zinefest to get copies of the Secret Pyramid Series:

Alive! 50 Ways to Avoid Danger and Defend Yourself
Secret Pyramid Series, Vol. 1.

Everybody should know that you can’t learn physical self-defense skills — actual fighting skills — by reading a book.  But everybody should also know that self-defense is 90% prevention, and that’s where this booklet really shines.  Learn specific skills, drills, and prevention strategies, including defense against dogs, how to navigate hostile crowds, and much more!  16 pages, 3,200 words.

Shake it Up! 50 Ways to Break Routines, Shake Things Up, and Foster Creativity
Secret Pyramid Series, Vol. 2:

Stagnation is everybody’s enemy, doesn’t matter if you are an artist, entrepreneur, anarchist, manual laborer, or cubicle monkey.  This little booklet, though short, gives you tons of bang for your buck — break the spine of stagnation and climb out of your rut!  10 pages, 2,000 words.

Lead! How to Motivate, Inspire, and Manage Groups
Secret Pyramid Series, Vol. 3

I’ve been managing, leading, and organizing groups for 30 years, and I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned — everything that really works! — into this little booklet.  Of all the non-fiction pieces I’ve written, this one is the best value for the price.  If you’re not a better leader by reading this booklet I’ll eat my hat (and not one of my tasty wool ones, one of my polyester trucker hats).  32 pages, 7,500 words.

CUT! How to Lose Weight and Get the Muscle Definition You Always Wanted
Secret Pyramid Series Vol. 4

Don’t let the kitschy cover fool you — this is a real program with proven results.  Take it from a guy who used to be 80 pounds overweight: you really can get the weight off, and sport the muscle definition you always wanted, without expensive gym memberships, pricey equipment, mail order food, or insane workouts!

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  1. Promised to purchase, and now done.

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