The World’s Rarest T-shirt and How to Get One

This is what my t-shirt looked like after martial arts practice on Tuesday.

What my martial arts t-shirt looked like after a workout a while back.  There’s only one way to get one like it, and it doesn’t involve your mouse or your credit card.

Before 1970, logo t-shirts barely existed.  But by the time I was in high school, around ’76 or so, cool t-shirts were in demand.  Wearing some funky t-shirt that nobody else had was a one-way ticket to Coolsville.  But they were hard to get.  You had to actually attend the concert or event.  There was no Amazon, and the shirts that you could find on the shelf at JC Penney or in the Sears catalog were  strictly plain.

These days t-shirts are ubiquitous.  Every company, club and event produces a promotional shirt.  Custom ones are available from hundreds of online shops.  There are racks of wicked t-shirts available at every department store, even Target, including reproductions of classic, vintage tees.  If you’re truly hip, you can even find actual vintage tees on eBay.

But I have a shirt that’s extremely rare.

It’s a Cabal Fang t-shirt.  The only way to get your hands on one is to practice the martial art known as Cabal Fang.  You have to show up and sweat.  If you stick around long enough we’ll give you one.  You cannot purchase one with any currency other than perspiration, determination, dedication, and friendship.

Note that our shirt doesn’t say “I’m a bad-ass martial arts instructor,” “Keep Calm and Kick Butt” or “Look at me, I have a black belt in awesome.

Our shirt is a mystery.  If you want to have any idea what Cabal Fang is, you have to ask  the person wearing it (or at least take the time to google it).  But if you really want to know what Cabal Fang is, you’ll have to go on a bit of a quest.  You’ll have to find and join an existing club to start one of your own.

Cabal Fang has no uniforms, and there are no tuition payments, belts or trophies.  Your greatest achievements will be written on your heart and soul, not on your sleeve.

As for your t-shirt, well it may indeed proclaim that you are as tough as nails inside and out.  It’s just printed in invisible ink.

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