10-Minute Grappling Conditioner

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Grappling.  To avoid confusion,  when I say “grappling” I am referring to stand-up wrestling or clinch fighting, not wrestling.  The following conditioning drill is meant to improve fitness and hone valuable grappling skills.

10-Minute Grappling Conditioner

  • Set your timer for 10 minutes.
  • Grab the medicine ball with palm-to-palm grip and squeeze against your upper chest as hard as you can while completing a deep Rear Lunge.  Switch grip and lunge back with other leg.  Do 10 Lunge/Squeezes.  Note:  Left palm should be down and “sword bone” of left forearm should be punishing the ball when you step back with right leg.  When you switch, right palm should be down, right forearm bone against ball, left leg lunges back.
  • Put the ball down, face the heavy bag, and immediately Splay 10 times as fast as you can with good form.  Forearms against the bag; legs, from thighs all the way down to shoelaces, flat to the floor with toes back.
  • 10 Diamond Push-ups on the medicine ball.
  • Repeat until timer beeps, taking as few 12-second breaks as you must to finish.   Try to make 6+ sets in 10 minutes, but don’t feel bad if you can only do 5.

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