How to Dry Shoes, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Reviews and More


Once in a while I end up with lots of odds and ends, none of which is worth a whole post on its own.  So I throw them all into one big post and call it a grab bag.

How to Dry Tennis Shoes in the Dryer

Want to dry your tennies but can’t stand the BAM-BUMBLE-DUM-THUNK?  Tie your shoes together with one big fat bow.  Hang them over the dryer door, shoes on the inside, bow on the outside.  Hold them in place as you gently close the door on the laces.  The knot will keep them from slipping down and banging around.  Works like a charm.


Scissors cut paper and paper covers rock.  And yet rock smashes scissors.  Kind of like the way Hillary beats Bernie and Bernie beats Trump.  And yet Trump smashes Hillary.  While you ruminate on that for a minute, consider that Bernie Sanders is the first candidate to say on national TV that the biggest problem facing the world is climate change, which means that’s he’s the only candidate with enough sense to pour piss out of a boot.  And then make sure that you, and your kids, and grandma and gramps (who haven’t voted since Eisenhower, for god’s sake), and anybody else you can possibly persuade, all go out and vote for Bernie in the Democratic primary.  Seriously. 

Good Movies I’ve Seen Recently

You are not going to believe me, but I’m telling you that American Ultra was actually a very original and entertaining movie.  I thought it was funny and yet touching, silly and yet intelligent.  The only thing I found annoying was the 3 minute epilogue, which contradicts the anti-establishment message of the previous 90 minutes and spoils the mood.  Ignore that and it’s 7/10 stars.

I really enjoyed the SyFy original series Childhood’s End.  It’s more or less faithful to the book by Arthur C. Clarke, warts and all. In other words, neither the book nor the series is perfect, but if you’re an armchair philosopher you’ll love it.  If you’re a Doctor of Philosophy, you’re going to pick book and/or movie apart, so just go watch 2001: A Space Odyssey instead.

Singing About the Flood in Ancient Sumerian 

The Flood is the self-described “first-ever CD of new music sung entirely in Sumerian and Babylonian” by the Lyre Ensemble, a collaborative project by composer and singer Stef Conner, instrument builder and harpist Andy Lowings, and producer Mark Harmer.”

(I saw it first on Chas Clifton’s blog.  Thanks Chas!)


5 responses to “How to Dry Shoes, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Reviews and More

  1. ” And then make sure that . . . . grandma and gramps (who haven’t voted since Eisenhower, for god’s sake), ”

    You have that completely backwards. 🙂 The older the voter, the more likely they are to vote. It’s the 18-26 crowd who don’t bother unless they have a rock-star candidate, and they have no idea who their city council members, state legislators, etc. are.

    • Robert Mitchell

      Thanks Andrew, right on!

    • Robert Mitchell

      Good point sir! I checked the rules for VA and it seems I could legally host a voter registration party for my daughter and her newly age 18 friends as long as we sign up less than 25. She’s actually very excited about Bernie and being able to vote for the first time. Free food and her enthusiasm might lure them in? Thanks for stopping by!

    • Okay Chas, I heard you. This Friday I’m throwing a voter registration party for my daughter and all her friends who are or will be 18 years of age on/before 11/8/16 (which, fun fact, also makes them eligible to vote in the preceding primary). I’m providing food, voter registration forms, envelopes, and stamps. And Bernie Sanders propaganda. We finally got a candidate who says the greatest danger facing the planet is climate change — time to swing into action!

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