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I currently have an ad running on Craigslist because I’m looking to take on a few martial arts students 1-on-1, free of charge.  Why?  Because (a) I want to do something nice to help some people, and (b) I want to put my methods to the test on some difficult cases, and (c) I want some testimonials.

Note: If you’re interested in becoming my student, free of charge, I’m happy to take you on as a distance learning student.  Just shoot me an email at and we’ll get started.  And BTW, the coupon I emailed John is good until 3/1/16 of you want to take advantage of it.

Yesterday I got a reply to ad and, because I think it’s really interesting, I’m sharing it.  See below — here’s my ad, followed by the reply I received, and my reply to that reply.


wpid-20150819_170226.jpg***Local Martial Arts Master Wants to Create Incredible Success Stories! ***

If you’re fat, unhappy, and/or spiritually unfulfilled, please know we have something in common. In 1986 I topped the scale at over 230 pounds on my 5’8″ frame. I was a grumpy, lazy, unhappy person with no spiritual life who could barely pay his bills.

I took up martial arts, and within three years I had lost 80 pounds of weight, turned my attitude around, and doubled my income. But something was still missing.

Over the next 25+ years, while I continued my martial arts practice, I became a “spiritual drunkard.” I drank deeply of many religions, staggering from one to the next. I went to a half dozen Christian churches of various denominations. I spent a year in the Latter Day Saints, several years as a Taoist, a several more as a Buddhist, and another year investigating Confucianism. I spent years studying and practicing Shamanism, and over five years practicing Wicca. I had a lot of adventures, I met many wonderful people, and I had many unforgettable experiences. But still something was missing.

Eventually I saw the pattern — I discovered what is deep inside every religion and every path — and I became whole. And I’d like to share everything I’ve learned with you.

*I’ll guide your training free of charge.* All you have to do is agree to give me a before picture, an after picture, and a brief testimonial that I can use on my website. It’s that simple.

I don’t know you yet. Your struggles might be with food, money, spirituality, mood, all of the above or something else entirely. I’d like to get to know you and show you how my program will get you on track.

You can be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Send me an email right now to get started. I can only take on a few students, so don’t delay.

***Adults 18 and up only need apply***


On Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 11:18 AM, John wrote:

So what was your aha moment? When did or rather why did you stop chasing “it”?




On Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 12:21 PM, <> wrote:

Hey John, thanks for your reply!

Remember those Venn Diagrams you did in school, the ones with overlapping circles that illustrate the commonalities between multiple sets of data?

Well, about 18 months ago I did an intensive, 5 month set of meditations, each accompanied by a corresponding acrylic painting on canvas. That project helped me metaphorically “see” a kind of Venn Diagram of the profound truths shared by Religion, Science, Magic and Common Sense.

The great Hermetic priests, scientists and philosophers, like Bruno, Newton and Mirandola, were the original human potentiality movement. They really ushered in the Renaissance, and they understood that enlightenment means the ability to see the world in four different ways — simultaneously and without contradiction. Those four ways are Gnostically, Magically, Scientifically, and Mystically, and they are exemplified in the famous Hermetic axiom, “To Know, to Will, to Dare; to Keep Silent.” I invite you to compare and contrast these to the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism — not on a surface level, but deeper. Much deeper.

This is Western Zen. This is the place where East meets West, where Religion Meets Science and where material needs and deeds intersect with spiritual desires, all without contradiction.

I stopped chasing “it” because I saw that “it” doesn’t want to be chased. “It” only wants me to be the best possible person I can be, to grow, to experience, to love, to evolve personally while I help humanity itself to evolve.

Life isn’t so much about what you do as how you do it. As Exupery said in Wind, Sand and Stars, “The meaning of life is not discovered; it is constructed.”

This was fun. Now, please, tell me a little about yourself!



P.S. Please accept this 33% off coupon for one purchase at Simply enter coupon code “FF99D” at checkout — and if you include your size in the special instructions I’ll send you a free t-shirt.


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