I’m Related to President George Washington

So it turns out that I’m related to President George Washington.

If you look at the family tree below,  Pres. Washington is underlined.  His great-aunt, Anne Washington married one Francis Wright.  The Wright family line wends its way down to Jesse Woodrow Naff, my maternal grandfather.

You can read about in the book The Washingtons. Volume 9: The Presidential Branch: Six Wright Lines by Justin Glenn. My granddad is on page 443. I guess that makes me and Pres. Washington distant cousins.

Jessie Woodrow Naff, my maternal grandfather

Anyway, this all started because I watched the movie Hacksaw Ridge — the story of Desmond Doss, the conscientious objector who won the Medal of Honor for saving 75 men — without even touching a gun.

Doss’s story reminded me of my granddad’s.  He was a paratrooper medic who carried a gun but, because of of Brethren beliefs, refused to fire a shot.  And he didn’t. For his entire five years of service.  Here’s another excerpt from Glenn’s book — my mom is Betty Naff Mitchell.

When I googled Grandfather Naff, one thing led to another and I found out he was in Glenn’s book.

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15 responses to “I’m Related to President George Washington

  1. Caroline Rothenberg

    We are related! Abel Makepeace was my 10th great uncle!!! Hi cousin!
    Caroline Rothenberg

  2. My pleasure!

  3. Hi Robert,
    I was wondering if you had any information on the Naff’s of Hazleton (Luzerne County), Pennsylvania? Thanks!

    • Robert Mitchell

      Howdy Tim! Well, let me look at my Mom’s old geneology stuff and see what I can find for you. Have you looked in the book “Naff and Related Families, Swiss Ancestors of Naffs & Neffs in the USA and Descendants of Jacob & Eva Catherine (Flora) Naff and of Sebastian and Mary (Saylor) Naff,” by John Wesley Boitnott (View Press, Harrisonburg, Virginia 1979)? My Mom was friends with Dr. Boitnott, and I know I have that book around here somewhere…in the meantime, please check the links on Mom’s old website (http://naff.bravepages.com/index.html). It loads slowly but it still works!

      • Oh, Wow… thank so very much, Robert!!

      • Hey Robert,

        Just checking in with you to see if you came across any information from your mom’s records on the Naff’s of Hazleton (Luzerne Co.), PA. Thanks!


      • Robert Mitchell

        I took a quick look at the easiest sources to index and didn’t see anything. I will look through the other binders tomorrow and post again. Stay tuned.

      • Robert Mitchell

        OK, I didn’t find anything directly relating to the specific branch of Naffs you’re looking for, but there is some material in my mother’s book that you might find interesting and that could lead to what you’re looking for. I’m going to scan the book up and save a link to the blog here. Watch this space!

  4. Robert Mitchell

    Hey Tim! As promised, here is some really interesting information about our mutual ancestor (most likely) one Adam Naf…https://wp.me/ppc1y-1MT

  5. Robert Mitchell

    You’re welcome sir, and thank YOU for this fun endeavor and great conversation!

  6. Brittany Hayes

    I am also related to George Washinton. Hes is my 2nd cousin 9x removed through Anne Pope Washington (Pope was given to her as a middle name by her mother I found out) and Francis Wright. It is through the Battle and Wright line I am related to him. For a long time I though we were related through marriage but it turned out it was through blood.

    • Robert Mitchell

      Isn’t it funny how you stumble on things like this? I never understood the whole “removed” thingy, and I’m not into genealogy — like I said in my post, I just sort of stumbled onto my relation to G.W. Are you a genealogist?

  7. George Phillips

    George Washington is my 4th cousin 6x removed.

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