The View from up Here

I have friends, employees and acquaintances who suffer from depression, struggle with their weight, and have issues with career.  I try to give them advice as gently as I can, reminding them that I used to be unhappy, 80 pounds overweight, and working for just over minimum wage. 

But while hiking and fishing with my son this weekend (pictures below) it occurred to me that it’s very hard to describe to someone what the world can be like for them if they embrace changes in how they think, act, feel and believe.  You can describe the view till you’re blue in the face.  But until you get up here and look down yourself, it all seems so impossible. 

People think you’re crazy, lying or exaggerating. But I’m really not. 

The world isn’t perfect. Tragedies, evils and problems big and small will always intrude. But the world is amazing and beautiful. And if you can take charge of your direction you can find a place where the view is better than you can possibly imagine.

4 responses to “The View from up Here

  1. Robert Mitchell

    Thank you sir! We haven’t connected in a bit — hope you’ve been doing great and that the world is treating you well!

  2. Beautiful! Just beautiful!

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