The IIFYM Experiment Week 10

Even though I haven’t been posting much on this topic, behind the scenes I’ve been trying to stick to the plan, which is basically eating anything you want as long as you get the right amount of protein, carbs, fat and fiber your body needs based on your activity level, exercise regimen and age.  Hence the IIFYM — “If It Fits Your Macros.”  And I’ve still been monitoring my digits.  Problem is, after 5 years on a low-carb diet with a one-day-per-week cheat days, it has been really hard to stick to it.  In other words, I’ve been cheating on Saturdays.

Still and so, my results have been remarkable:

Date Body Fat %¹ Muscle Weight Fat Weight Total Weight
5/21/2018 23% 123.1 36.4 159.5
7/27/2018 17% 128.2 26.3 154.5
Change -6% +5.1 -10.1 -5

But that’s not even the whole story.  My energy level is up, I feel better overall, and I’m enjoying my food far more.  And those are not insignificant benefits!

I’ll probably stop posting on this topic because the results are pretty much in.  IIFYM isn’t a silly fad — it’s real science and it works.

¹ Measured with suprailiac crest  body fat calipers.  Not super accurate, but better than guesswork.

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