A Rough and Tumble Buck Walk in the Snow

Last month my martial arts club and I stared down the calisthenics nightmare known as Self-Destruct Sequence. World renowned coach Mark Hatmaker decided to play along and do it right along with us.

So when Hatmaker suggested I try his Rough and Tumble Buck Walk, I couldn’t say “No!” Video below. Now, to be fair, I butchered it a bit. It was supposed to be as follows: 100 yards of Lunges while going uphill and carrying an Olympic weight bar overhead. Every tenth Lunge, as a “rest,” complete three Swing Cleans. Then do it again 100 yards back downhill.

On account of the snow I couldn’t go to the park to do it on a 100 yard hill, so I did three, seventy-five yard circuits my yard which is sloped but not really hilly. And I didn’t have an Olympic bar, so I used my #20 digging bar. Honestly, if I had gone to the park and tried this thing with a proper bar and a proper hill, I don’t think I could’ve finished it. Legs? Maybe. Arms and shoulders? No way. She’s a shoulder killer.

Thanks for the adventure Mark!

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