Hatmaker’s Readiness Test — Part 4

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If you missed Part 1, 2 & 3 in this series, click here.  In a nutshell, author and martial arts coach Mark Hatmaker recently posted The Self-Resilient Readiness Test  and I’m working my way through them to assess my ability to self-rescue.

I got sidetracked after a kidney stone, and now I’m back at it.  Over the last month or so I’ve faced the following questions:

To keep the rock from moving to a comfortable spot I taped it to my sock. Miserable.

#7 — 25 yard buddy carry.  I finished this one with not problem despite the fact that I used a buddy who outweighs me by 10 pounds.

#14 — One day fast in plain sight of favorite foods.  I’m an old hand at fasting (I fasted every Tuesday for about 5 months working on this project) but I didn’t rest on my laurels — I did another one.  Fasting is always an eye-opener. 

#16 — All day Tenderfoot Drill.  Works like this:

For one day place a rock/pebble in one shoe.  Place it so that you feel its uncomfortable dig into the plantar with each step. Go about your day. If at any point the pebble shifts to a more comfortable position, adjust it to less than fun. Do not complain to yourself or to any else throughout the day. If an occasional wince draws a comment such as “Is there something wrong?” You may reply honestly, “Oh, I have a rock in my shoe.”  That’s it.  If asked, “Why don’t you take it out?” reply simply, “I like it.” No other explanation.

This drill was endlessly self-revealing and not as simple as it sounds.  It was powerful enough to help constellate some disparate ideas into a unified whole (for more detail click here).  Highly recommended.

My Scores So Far

#2: Run at top speed for 200 yards.  I’m slow, but I did it. 1 point.
#3: Jump over waist high obstacles.  Close but no cigar.  1/2 point.
#5: 25 dips.  They were pathetic and I had to take breaks.  1/2 point.
#6: Drag a 100 lb. sandbag 50 years in under 30 seconds.  19 seconds.  1 point
#7: 25-yard buddy carry. 1 point
#9: One minute unprepared breath hold. Check.  1 point.
#10/11: Swim 25 yards underwater or walk 50 yards out/back on one breath. Picked the latter and failed.  1/2 point.
#12: Do you use drugs or alcohol to impairment?  No. 1 point.
#13: One minute shower on full cold. Check.  1 point.
#14: One day fast in plain sight of favorite foods.  Done.  1 point
#16: All day Tenderfoot Drill. Check.  1 point

Total Score so far: 9 ½ points out of 11

What’s next?  Only three left to complete!

  • #1: Swim half a mile
  • #4: 15 Chin-ups (I’ll face this one after I resolve my biceps tendonitis)
  • #8: Carry 45 lbs 1 mile in less than 12 minutes
  • #15: Three nights in a row get up and keep a vigil for 15 minutes

Wanna play along?  Post your scores in the comments!

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