Martial Arts Compliant Calisthenics

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I haven’t always done a perfect job of practicing my calisthenics in a”martial arts compliant” fashion.  I just sort of trusted that if I did my calisthenics I’d stay fit.  And to some extent that’s true.  From Sparta to Parris Island, calisthenics have always been the way to get human beings fit to fight.

But as I get older I simply cannot afford to throw sweat at the wall and see what sticks.  I just don’t bounce back after high volume training sessions like a used to.   To stay powerful and healthy I need to maintain intensity while cutting total volume.

That means I need to get maximum bang for every drop of sweat expended. That’s called efficiency.  And there’s nothing wrong with you being efficient either.

So what I’ve started doing with much more consistently is making my calisthenics “martial arts compliant.”  See video below.

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