Two More Beat the Bodybuilder Challenge!

This past Saturday two more stalwart members of Cabal Fang headquarters completed the 100 Bodybuilder challenge!

Morgan (my daughter – proud papa here) got it done in an impressive 15:59!  Just to put her time in perspective: my initial benchmark about ten years ago was 18:35.  15:59 is no joke!

Jack (Morgan’s fiance by the way) set the new club record at 12:14.  Way to go Jack!

2019 Bodybuilder Challenge Times

Morgan Mitchell 15:59
Mitch Mitchell 13:15
Robert Mitchell 12:47
Jack Bloor 12:14
Mark Hatmaker 10:45 (not a member of the club but he took the challenge anyway).

Feel free to take a whack at it and post your time in the comments!

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4 responses to “Two More Beat the Bodybuilder Challenge!

  1. Awesome times all around! Well done!

    • I know, right?!?! I shared this on FB and Hatmaker said “That’s 100%” and I agree. So proud of all the folks who face down these yearly mettlecraft challenges – they’re no joke!

  2. wow those are some very good times
    very well done!

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