My Ranger Heads Into the Sunset

Well, it’s the end of an era.   I just sold my 2000 Ford Ranger for $2,000.   I’ll be shocked to pieces if I ever have a vehicle that out-performs the Ranger.  Here are the stats:

  • 2000 Ford Ranger, Regular Cab, 2.5L RW drive
  • Bought it in 2004 with 61,000 miles
  • Paid $6,000 cash
  • Drove it for 15 years and 138,000 miles
  • Sold it today for $2,000 cash.
  • A/C blew cold until just this year.
  • Other than A/C, two clutches, an alternator, and a busted seat (the lumbar adjustment broke and had to be fixed for $200  a few years back) I only had brakes, tires, maintenance and routine expenses.

An incredible vehicle.  Sorry to see her go.

Now lets see if my Ford Escape does that well!


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