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Blood Symbols and Cabal Fang Workout of the Week #27

This week’s workout is a three-parter.  You can just watch the video (see below) or if you like words over pictures, here are the details.

Calisthenics.  Complete 3 sets to failure  of Narrow Push-ups and Hindu Squats. We’re not keeping score.  But if we were, you’d get extra points for doing more than 50 of the Push-ups and more 100+ of the Squats.  This segment was created using PTDICE.  Getcha some.

Shadowboxing with 1 pound weights.  Set a timer for 10 minutes — no breaks! — and shadowbox with #1 hand weights or 16 oz boxing gloves.  If you don’t imagine your opponent you’re wasting your time.  Really visualize what you’re striking at!

Meditation on blood.   Violence is a serious matter, and blood is not to be spilled lightly.  How can you call yourself qualified to draw blood in defense of yourself or someone you care about if you haven’t even take the time to understand and appreciate the sacredness of blood and what it symbolizes?  There are four types of blood — the mythological blood of Gods and Goddesses (holy blood), the blood of ancestors and kin (family blood), the blood of friends and heroes (royal and/or cultural blood), and the blood of sacrifice and nourishment (the blood that’s spilled to keep us spiritually and/or physically fed).  Set a timer for 10 minutes, assume the meditation posture of your choice, and spend this time meditating on these four types of blood.  For a deeper experience, meditate on just one of the four types of blood and do this exercise four days running.


In the Blood, Love Abides

imageYesterday being the 5th anniversary of my father’s passing, I’ve been thinking a great deal about the blood of those who came before me.

Some of my ancestors, like my Dad, were terrific role models.  Some weren’t.  Like me, all of them were imperfect, flawed, and human.  But their blood is in my veins, and for good or for ill, I am what they created.

Bacteria are immortal.  They divide in half and those halves in half again.  None can die until all have died.  But we humans evolved beyond division, effectively choosing to be mortal, a microcosm of the Fall from grace.  We die.  Only the blood lives on, and to a limited extent, they are alive in me.  It’s the closest things we humans have to immortality.

In that blood is love.  Even my most imperfect ancestors, those who may have been toxic parents, believed they were doing right by their children.  Their blood is in me, and with it comes all the love and caring, perfect and imperfect alike.  I embrace that love as it is without judging.

Today I burned incense of Dragon’s Blood and took up the prayer beads.  And for each bead I said this prayer.  Breathing in I said, “Blood is thicker than water; Love in my blood abides.”  Breathing out I said, “I honor you and keep you; I ask for your blessings with pride.”

When I was done the incense was gone and the candle dark.  Let my ancestors know that they are alive in me, that I accept their gifts.  Let them know that, with their blessing, I will stand on their shoulders.  I will go farther and fly higher than they.  I will be more, better, improved, ever evolving.