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Pre-orders Open on Smashwords!


This is NOT the final cover. Be on the lookout for a big cover reveal in the next couple of months.  Oh, you WANT a pic of me on the cover as I take an elbow shot to the ear?  Not gonna happen 🙂  

Cabal Fang: Complete Study Course from Querent to Elder is now available for preorder with a release date of 9/1/16.  Price is $5.99 but it goes up to $7.99 on release day.

This is the eBook.   If you want it on iTunes or Nook or whatever, you need to allow a few days for it to show up over there.  Or, if you have your heart set on a paper copy, cool your jets and wait for the announcement.  A paper book will be available around the same time as the eBook.

Why is the release date Sept 1st?  Well I haven’t even taken the pictures yet and there are going to be over a hundred of them, plus I’m still in the editing stage — the hideous, laborious, pain-in-the-neck stage when it stops being fun and all you want to do is BE DONE ALREADY! — so if this blog gets as quiet as a wet and worm-infested tomb you’ll know why, because I’m stuck in the EDITING DUNGEON!

Ahem, uh, sorry.  It’s late.  I’m tired.

I’ll shut up now and hit you with the blurb.  See below.  More updates to come!


“Fully illustrated and truly complete, Cabal Fang Martial Arts: Complete Study Course from Querent to Elder contains everything you need to start learning the world’s most innovative and transformative martial art. Over 100,000 words and 300 pages of never-before-seen martial arts training information. Six books in one! The functional training drills alone — over 100 of them! — are worth the price of admission.

Inside this incredible volume you’ll find Book I: Origin, History, and General Training Guidelines (covering fitness, flexibility and more), Book II: Soma (External Training, including the physical training techniques of Cabal Fang, self-defense, grip strength, body hardening, pain management, etc.), Book III: Pneuma (internal, spiritual training, the Hermetic secrets of Cabal Fang, contemplation, meditation, and pathworking exercises), Book IV: Psyche (philosophy and mindset training), Book V: The Fraternal Path (group training guidelines) and Book VI: The Hermit Path (solo training guidelines).

Open the covers of this remarkable manual and step into the spaces between traditional martial arts and combat sports, Eastern philosophy and Western mysticism. See how Cabal Fang is at once a modern self defense method, a strenuous fitness regimen, a spiritual framework drawing upon the Western esoteric tradition, and a diagram for maximizing human potential.

A seamless blend of the ancient and the modern, the physical and the internal, Cabal Fang is at once a child of the past and the martial art of a new millennium. For all fitness and experience levels — but not the faint of heart.

Cabal Fang is “full context martial arts” — a modern temple mart for a new age.”

To Readers of the Cabal Fang Manual

Update 11/28/18.  I’m cringing as I look back at this old post from 7/30/2014.  How crappy and creepy the original book cover looked!  It’s all out of focus and the imagery looks like a skinhead’s fantasy.  And then I proceed to whine about nobody participating.  No wonder!  What was I thinking?  I marketed a mediocre product and then blamed consumers for not lapping it up.  What a ninny I was just four years ago.  Know what’s scary?  I’m way more mature, exacting and on the ball today than I was then.  But what are the bazillion flaws that I have right now that I’m not aware of yet?  What’s festering in my blind spot as I type this?  Oh well, there’s always a new discovery on the horizon and another shortcoming to overcome.  Onward and upward!


7/30/2014: Don’t get me wrong — I’m thrilled that my book has become so popular — it’s just that, despite the book’s popularity, there don’t seem to be many people starting up working clubs to practice it.  And I’m having a little trouble working out why.  You’d think that, with over 5,000 downloads of the book, there would be at least a few dozen clubs.

Is it because Cabal Fang is lodge-styled martial arts, complete with secret initiations?  I find that hard to believe when there are over 5 million Freemasons worldwide.  I mean, we’re not masons or affiliated with masons, but clearly lodge-type activities aren’t an issue for most folks.

Is it too self-service, requiring too much personal responsibility and self-education on the part of members?  Is it because the physical fitness demands posed by the Constitutionals are too great?  Or is it because membership is always free, and people think that there’s no way free stuff could be any good?

I just don’t get it.

If you read the Cabal Fang Manual, and you haven’t started a club (we call them “Orders“) please help me out.  Take a moment to tell me why in the comments below.