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Happy Halloween!


Do You Know Who This Man Is?

imageYes, on your left is a photo of me wearing my Halloween costume.  If you don’t know who I’m supposed to be, on the right there’s a clue.

imageStill can’t figure it out?  Click here and you’ll get it.


Halloween Martial Arts

Being interested in both martial arts and occult matters, I searched for news related to both.  This article turned up.

It looks like a fun event for the kids, but I wonder what Mas Oyama, Gichin Funakoshi, or Johannes Liechtenauer would say if they could see this kind of thing.

Maybe I take things too seriously, but events like this don’t seem to be in the true spirit of Halloween or in the true spirit of martial arts, and I wonder if they might be a disservice to the children.  I’m not completely sure, but sure enough that I decided to stop teaching martial arts to kids back in 2000.

If I was going to host a martial arts event for Halloween, it would be somber event for adults, perhaps a workout followed by a meditation on the those who have fallen in defense of others.