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Real Life Demon Slayer Revisited

Real Life Demon Slayer: Training Involution #141, which I published back in January 2019, is one of my popular posts and has thousands of views.  So I decided to create a video version this morning.

If you think the video is fun, go back and read the original blog post to get more detail.

Here you go — enjoy!


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Bobcat Martial Arts is Frontier Rough ‘n’ Tumble Martial Arts — colonial and indigenous fighting methods and associated lifeways as practiced in the Americas from 1607 to 1912.  Only $19.99/month!

The Ketchel-Burpee Grinder

This morning at dawn I undertook the challenge of the Ketchel-Burpee Grinder — thanks to the immortal Mark Hatmaker for issuing the challenge!  He did it under 7 minutes.  I finished in 18:35.  What can I say?

Fun facts: I share a birthday with the Royal H. Burpee, the inventor of the exercise that bears his name.  And Hatmaker was actually born on the planet Krypton.

The challenge is a 13-count, reverse half-pyramid (13 of each, 12 of each, 11, 10, etc. down to 1) of a 50 lb rock throw and a Burpee.  In total that’s 91 tosses and 91 Burpees.