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7 Ingredient Slow Cooker Pozole (with 5 min prep!)

I forgot to take a picture of the dish. I was too busy eating it all GONE. Oops. This image courtesy of Wikipedia.

I’m always looking for easy to cook meals, especially ones with very few ingredients. I like things simple and graceful.

Yesterday I concocted a recipe for pozole by taking a longer recipe and condensing the ingredients. For example, instead of starting with raw tomatoes and adding spices, I just substituted fire-roasted canned tomatoes.

Yes, I know this is Americanized and that your Mexican grandma would smack me in the head for this. It ain’t authentic. But it must be good because my wife — a.k.a. “the picky eater” — actually had seconds!

7 Ingredient Pozole

  • Cubed boneless pork , 1-1/2 lbs (something with a little fat is better than super lean meat — I used pork chops because they were on sale)
  • One coarsely chopped medium yellow onion.
  • A can of whole yellow hominy (juice and all)
  • A can of fire roasted tomatoes (juice and all)
  • Chicken broth, 2 cups (I used water and 2 bullion cubes)
  • Cumin, 1/2 to 1 tsp (to taste)
  • Chili sauce, 1/4 to 1/2 cup (to taste — I used Heinz brand).

Cut up the pork and onions and throw them in the slow cooker. Open cans and dump them in. Add broth and seasoning. Stir it up. Cook on lowest setting about 8 hours. Serve with sliced radishes and a spoon of coleslaw in the center of the bowl and with crisped tortilla chips, sour cream, and salsa on the side.

Romaine Tacos and A WOD That’ll Fry Your Wontons

American Asian Romaine Tacos

Chicken Romaine Tacos with a side of cucumbers.  Sliced cukes, carrots, celery sticks, etc. help keep from reaching for tortilla chips, potato chips, etc.

It’s been a while since I put up one of my quick-n-dirty, four-ingredients-or-less recipes.  So let me show you what I had for dinner one night last week and then give you a WOD that will fry your butt into a crispy wonton.

Chicken Romaine Tacos

  • Fresh, all natural or free range chicken tenders
  • Romaine lettuce leaves
  • Sriracha mustard (I use Kroger sweet hot mustard)
  • Mayonnaise (I use Duke’s Olive Oil Mayo in the squirt bottle)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Spray a nonstick frying pan (or griddle) with oil and turn on medium heat.  Put chicken on, salt and pepper liberally, and set timer for 4 mins.  While chicken is cooking, rinse lettuce leaves and pat dry.  When timer beeps, flip chicken, salt and pepper liberally, and set timer for 3 mins.  Wash, peel, decorate and slice cucumbers to suit your fancy.  When timer beeps again, check the fattest tender with a meat thermometer and make sure it says 155 F.  If it does, put chicken on a plate to rest and reach 160 F (2 or 3 mins).  While you wait, put a stripe each of mustard and mayo in each leaf and put a fan of cukes on each plate.  When the chicken has rested, slide a tender or two into each leaf and you’re ready to eat.

The Fried Wontons WOD

  • Weights — 5 x 10 of Shrugs, Squat Press, Sit-ups, Goblet Squats
  • Calisthenics — AMSAYC* in 8 mins of 8 ea. Staggered Push-ups, Side Crunch, Zombie Squats, Full Stop Push-ups, and Twisters.  If you don’t get through 5 sets in 8 mins, tack on 100 Squats.
  • Kicks — Heavy bag Strike Count Drill.  4 x 1:00/:30 AMAYC* with Right Leg Roundhouse. If strike count for 4th round is less than the 1st, do 100 Squats. Repeat with Left Leg Roundhouse.  Again, if strike count for 4th round is less than 1st, do 100 Squats.
  • After this you should pretty much be fried crispy.


* AMSAYC = “As many sets as you can” and AMAYC = “As many as you can.”

Mystic Nutrition Facts (and your WOD)


This is my lunch for today. Grilled chicken breast, soy sauce, radishes, carrots, raisins, and a sesame bar.  What’s it packed in?  I bought one of those bistro boxes from Starbucks and I’ve been re-using the container for months.

A while back I posted a little mindfulness exercise that, for reasons unfathomable, hasn’t been all that popular.  Maybe if I rapped it, people would grasp it?  Momma didn’t raise to quitter, so here it is again, finger on the transmitter…

Mindfulness Lunch Exercise

Devote a full ten minutes to making your lunch.  Take your time.  Relax and focus.  Make your lunch as beautiful, nutritious and delicious as you can.  Really put some thought and effort into it.  If you work outside the home, do your prep the night before or in the morning before you leave, and take your meal to work with you.

When it comes time to eat, give your lunch your undivided attention. Do not eat while reading, surfing the web, or anything like that.  Just sit and eat the food. Think only about the food — about how pretty it is, how nice it tastes, how good for you it is, how wonderfully it is going to fuel your activities, what a blessing it is, and so forth.  Fully chew and taste every bite.

It just may be the best meal you’ve had in six months.

Listen guys!

Food is more than nutrients, and nutrition is a holistic and mystical experience that is still not fully understood. As Michael Pollan famously noted, we have identified 15 carotenes in the carrot, but carotene pills do not replicate the health benefits of munching on actual carrots.  “We still don’t know what is going on in the soul of a carrot,” he said.  “It’s a wilderness in that carrot!”

Choose healthy foods, then experience them fully when you eat them.

Lunch Ideas

  • Sesame bars — These little devils are the business.  Just under 60 calories per tiny bar, and with tons of fiber, these are a great addition to your lunch in the off-season.*  I got mine at the Asian market — 16 little thumb-sized bars for $2.49.  Sure, they have a tiny bit of sugar.  But they are minimally processed and make a perfect little healthy, mini-dessert to your lunch.
  • Buy single-serving bags of nuts and dried fruit.  I know, they cost more by volume and packaging hurts the environment.  But wasted food is also bad for my budget and for the environment, and over-eating is bad for my waistline.
  • Save those sauce packets.  I rarely eat fast food, but when I do I save the extra stuff that isn’t objectionable — taco sauce, soy sauce, salad dressing, mayo, etc. as long as it’s low in sugar.  Watch out for stuff like honey mustard that’s straight sugar and soybean oil.  Save extra fortune cookies and use them to zip up lunches on workout days when you can easily burn off the extra sugar.
  • Cook once, eat five times.  Make a main dish and pick off it for the rest of the week.  Make a few chicken breasts or cook a big steak.  Slice it on a diagonal and you’re good to go.
  • Veggie trays.  They’re not just for parties you know.  Get one from the grocery store, put it in the fridge, and you won’t have any excuse for not eating your daily vegetables.
  • Check out my recipes.  I’ve posted a fair number of them on this blog.

And now for your Cabal Fang WOD.

  • Calisthenics.  As many sets as you can in 10 mins of 10 each Diamond Push-ups, Steam Engines, Hop/Clap Push-ups, Split Squats.
  • Kicks.  5 x 2:00/1:00.  Kick combos for 2:00.  For the 1:00, full power kicks vs. heavy bag.  Count number of full power shots during the first round and try to exceed that count in your final round.


* I generally eat a paleolithic diet.  During Fall and Winter I’m a little more relaxed and I let myself have a daily serving of whole grains and relax a little about trace sugars and such.  During Spring and Summer, when I’m trying to get cut, I get super strict.  I remove all grains and all fruit along with as many carbs as possible.

Vegetarian Slaw wraps


Two slaw wraps ready to be taken to the office for lunch time consumption

I’m a big van of the humble collard.  For a low carb wrap, how do you beat a collard leaf?  They’re big, don’t tear too easily, have great flavor, and they’re packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Although they can be used raw, I have found that steaming them first gives them a softer texture and a nicer flavor.

Here’s how the process breaks down.



Vegetarian Slaw Wraps

  • One small bunch of collards
  • Cabbage
  • Fresh cilantro
  • Sesame oil
  • Soy Sauce
  • Red Pepper Flakes

Buy a small bunch of organic collards.  Select the bunch that has the biggest, most perfect leaves.

Put about 1/2″ of water in a big pot and put it on the stove on HIGH.  Wash your collards while you’re waiting for it to boil.  When the water’s rolling, lay the leaves in the pot and put on the lid.  Leave them in for two minutes.  After two minutes, remove from heat and run cold tap water into the pot to stop the cooking action.  Remove the leaves and spread them flat on clean dishcloths.  Pat dry and let them rest while you make your slaw.


Almost ready to wrap up.  This one isn’t Asian-styled — it contains gold ‘ol southern-styled slaw.  That’s another option.  Experiment.

You can buy a prepared Asian slaw mix (there’s a nice organic one in the produce section where I shop) or make some from scratch.  Shred your cabbage and soak it in a bath of water with a teaspoon of salt for one hour.  Drain.  Add a sprinkle of sesame oil (careful — a little bit goes a LONG way) and a splash of soy sauce.  Careful not to make the slaw too wet.  Add a sprinkle of red pepper flakes.  Put a dollop in the middle of each collard leaf, then wrap ‘n’ roll.

Put them in the fridge to chill.  Serve cold.

Easy Meal: Fiesta Stew

Another delicious and cheap 4HB-compliant slow-carb meal with four ingredients or less. Cook it on Sunday and take it to work for lunch all week.

Fiesta Stew

* 1 to 1.5 lbs ground free range beef or venison
* 2 cans diced tomatoes including all juice
* 1 package Fiesta blend veggies 12 or 16 oz. (beans, carrots, peppers, onions, green beans, etc.)
* Chili Seasoning (I use one packet of either Sauers, a local favorite, or an organic mix. Watch the carb content. Check labels!)

Brown meat and drain.  Add to crockpot with the other ingredients and cook on low 4 hours. Because of the increased contents, this doesn’t come out as chili. Its milder and soupier. My teenager says “it’s to die for.”  Enjoy.