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Cut the Chatter: Mettle Maker #241

Blah blah blah.  The older I get the more I become the old man who sees 99% of what goes in the world as racket.¹

Cut the Chatter: Mettle Maker #241

  • Warm-up thoroughly for at at least 8 minutes.  Do 2-3 minutes each of (a) jumping rope (b) light calisthenics and (c) shadowboxing, forms, or light heavy bag work, or 8 minutes of MBF.
  • Face the 25-minute “Stayin’ Alive” drill.  Set timer for 5 X 5:00.  Round 1, run away from your training area.  Round 2, run back.  Round 3, shadowbox.  Round 4, pick up your floor bag (a heavy bag with chains removed) and do not put it down until the timer beeps.  Practice your stand-up grappling — squeezes, Scarf Holds, chokes, etc.  Round 5, wrestle the bag.  Put it on the mat and practice your Bridges, Reverses, tackles, Bottom Scissors, etc.  Click here or the above pic for a video.
  • Pick a finisher.  Cap off your training session with a quick “finisher” — a short but intense contribution to functional martial fitness.  Take your pick: (A) 100 yard heavy carry (choose a sandbag based on your fitness level — I used #105), (B) 5 minute IMT run (C) As many kicks as you can in 5 minutes.  That ought to “cut your chatter.”
  • Do you know what bird this is?  It’s one of the chattiest birds in North America, and it’s name comes from the Greek kitta — “chattering bird.”  If you don’t know its call, then you don’t know one of your closest, most talkative neighbors. Give up?  Click here for the answer.
  •  Cut the chatter and see how different the world looks.  We are constantly awash in racket — music and media of all kinds, T.V., YouTube, podcasts, books on tape and on and on — much of it verbal.  Words can be very useful.  But pointless words are just noise.  Shut off the media, go outside (or at the very least go to a quiet space), and silence your chattering monkey-mind with 10 minutes of contemplation.  Set timer for 10 minutes and assume your posture of choice.  Regulate your breathing to a slow, steady rhythm, making sure that you fully fill and empty your lungs with each breath.  Keep your eyes open and do not fidget, wiggle, or scratch.  Full instructions and more info in the video below.

¹The new movie Wonder Woman 1984 was good though.  Maybe I should make a video about that, considering that I gave it 8 stars and IMDB says it’s only 5.5.

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Silence and Omens, Doubts and Wisdoms

wpid-IMG_20130310_142938.jpgLately I find myself wanting to shut up more and more.

I think back and so much of what I’ve said over the course of my life seems like such utter and complete bull.  There was a time when I believed in all kinds of things I no longer believe, when I espoused things I no longer espouse.

I think, “Is there a day coming when I’ll be ashamed of what I’m doing and saying right now?”

A friend asked me for advice on a project and half way through my email reply I received an omen: a huge black crow flew into the window and I jumped out of my skin.  I took it as a warning to shut my mouth.  I stopped typing, told him to ignore my advice and do his own thing.  Now I worry that I might have hurt his feelings.

Of the many people have I have influenced in my life, how many have been positively influenced, and how many negatively?  Do the positive influences outweigh the negative?

I find myself wondering if something I’ve said, or might say in the future, could have made someone decide not to create something beautiful.  Then I think, who am I to presume that I’ve had any influence at all?

I’m a writer, a talker, an influencer, a teacher.  It’s what I do, it seems to be in my DNA.  When I was 8 years old I was reading books about bugs and teaching the other neighborhood boys which ones were which.  At 15 I started my first novel and started teaching my friends how to play D&D.  Forty years later and only the subject matter has changed.  Lately what I’m doing now seems childish and pointless.

Is this wisdom or doubt?  I guess that remains to be seen.