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Bold Artistic Lines (and your WOD)

Bold lines make the art. Now, when I say “bold” I don’t mean “bold” as in when you make a font heavier. I mean brave and committed.

Tentative lines make bad drawings, tentative strokes made bad paintings, and tentative movements make ineffective martial arts maneuvers.  Art is art.  Bold is bold.

Take a look at the three skulls below.  #2 has less detail and is less anatomically accurate than #1.  And yet, because it is bold and committed in its line and form, it is far more striking.  Now look at #3.  It is the least anatomically correct of all.  But because it is the most bold and the most committed of the three, it is the most artistic, the most interesting, and is the most successful at conveying a feeling of “skullishness.”

How many times have you seen a martial artist win a contest on commitment alone?  Isn’t the efficacy of a technique less important that the commitment?  Which would you rather rely upon: an effective technique thrown half-heartedly, or a simpler, less effective technique delievered with full force and commitment?

Whether your art involves the pen or the sword, pick a line and commit.  What makes your art good and interesting — even art at all — is often the certainty of your hand and eye.






Now here’s your Cabal Fang WOD: PTDICE (4 sets to failure of Uneven Push-ups, Half Squats, Twisters, Wide Push-ups, Split Squats).  Heavybag (12 x :30/:10  AFAYC — 8 minutes total)

Sweat Skull on Concrete

Sweat_SkullAfter completing a grueling workout in the 90° heat (40 minutes of calisthenics followed by a 1 mile jog), I laid down on the concrete to rest and stretch.

When I stood to go, I saw this skull on the cement.  I stared at it.  I was exhausted, fully spent.  I wondered if I was hallucinating.  Then I realized that my t-shirt had a design on the back, and that I had silk-screened a skull and crossbones onto the concrete in my own sweat.

Although there is a perfectly logical explanation for this mundane phenomena, I know that this is magic.  I died just a little that night.  And the next day, when I recovered stronger, I was reborn just a little.