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Steam Power: Silence, Speech, and the Word

Speech has a sacred component, words have power, and into the things we name we breathe steam.  Be careful what you name.

Watch video below for more details.

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3 Must-Have Old Time Remedies

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Cut ‘n’ Run: Martial Arts Training Involution #186


On the right is a picture of me doing some shirtless winter-time training. 

Try it sometime.  Who cares what you look like or if it’s a little chilly?  If my shriveled up carcass can do it, you can too.  Get out of your head, shake things up, and start being the person you know you can be.  You’re capable of far more than you think you are! 

This week we’re going to use our imagination to create a 20-minute survival scenario.  Does this look fun?  You bet it does!

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Cut ‘n’ Run: Training Involution #186

  • Ready your equipment and set the stage.  Pretend you are in the middle of a bad situation — there’s been a riot, there’s a state of civil unrest, etc. and you’re in the middle of a melee.  To set this up you’ll need (1) something you can vault over safely, such as a fence or an 8′ long 2″ x 4″ lashed to a couple of sawhorses, etc. You’ll also need (2)  a blunt training weapon (rubber, wooden, etc.), (3) a heavy bag with chains removed or taped up, (4) a 50 yard distance marked off, and (5) a timer set for 20 minutes.
  • Warm-up thoroughly for at at least 8 minutes.  I like to do 2 minutes each of jump rope, light calisthenics, shadowboxing, and dynamic stretching (never stretch static when cold).
  • Start your 20 minute timer.  When it beeps at 20 minutes, this training session is over no matter where you are, so flat out hustle for the duration.  Take as few 12-second breaks as you need in order to get through.
  • Deploy your training weapon and attack as you Split Vault over that fence or rail 50 times.  Pretend you are beset on all sides by assailants and obstacles.  Place off-hand on rail and send the attacking hand and same-side foot over at the same time.  As you get airborne, go belly down and pull the opposite foot and arm over.  Land on the first foot, pivot, and keep running.  Confused?  Watch Allen do a Split Vault at the 2:00 minute mark in the video below.
  • Sheath your weapon and pick up your heavy bag.  Pretend you got clear of the bad guys and now you need to get an injured person to safety.  Complete 10 Shoulder Carries of 50 yards each.  Swap sides as needed.
  • Drop the bag and scramble.  The bad guys are back and now the terrain is harsh! Get on all fours and scramble like a raccoon 5 x 50 yards as fast as you can.
  • Run.  Start running and don’t stop until the timer beeps.  The faster you do the first three segments the longer you’ll have to run.
  • 10 minutes of meditation or contemplation.  After you cool down — for about 3 minutes or until your heart rate is below 100 bpm —  have a seat and do 10 minutes of internal work.

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