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Walking Meditation and Natural Movement

The other day Mark Hatmaker wrote an excellent piece about natural movement.  He explores the benefits of moving with fluidity and the negative consequences of moving herky-jerky.  Read it here.

It strikes me that his take is the western perspective on the eastern form of walking contemplation I have been doing for years as follows:

  1. Empty your mind of language.  Speak nor think any words.
  2. If words come to mind, let them fade naturally like receding echoes. Fight them and they’ll only multiply.
  3. Just walk as efficiently, smoothly, and naturally as possible — that’s it.
  4. Be relaxed, alive and present.  Smell flowers, turn your head and eyes to follow things of interest.  Walk with natural, adaptive efficiency, not the efficiency of a robot.

This exercise, like the one Mark describes, is very simple — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

As it happens, just walking like a human being is a very difficult thing to do.