Workout Routine: Self Destruct Sequence

Here’s a little slice of hell that I’ve started trying to get through that I call “Self Destruct Sequence.”  So far I’ve only made it through at half of the listed reps (to be fair though, I’ve been doing it with a weighted vest, so there’s that).

This workout appears in my Top 10 calisthenics ebook — click here to download!

By “get through it” I mean completing all of the exercises without taking any rests longer than ten seconds.  I’m sure that if I took plenty of breaks and stretched it out to an hour I could go and do it right now — but my goal is to get through this thing in less than 40 minutes.

Give it a shot.  Let me know how it goes…

  1. Zombie Squats (50)
  2. Pushups, diamond (25)
  3. Jump Squats (100)
  4. Bodybuilders (25)
  5. Pikes (25)
  6. Jump Squats, split (50)
  7. Pushups, barrel roll (25)
  8. Bicycles (50 each side)
  9. Burpees (25)
  10. Twisters (25 each side)
  11. Wall Touches (100)
  12. Pushups, hopping/clapping (25)

4 responses to “Workout Routine: Self Destruct Sequence

  1. Hey man, I’d like to give this a try, but a lot of people use different terms for the same exercise. For the newbies, can you describe some of these exercises, either with words or a video? For example, I have never heard of “zombie squat” before and wouldn’t know the proper form.

    • Sure thing — if you like this stuff, bookmark my page because my calisthenics book will be coming out next year! Zombie Squats: Same as a regular squat, except arms straight out in front (like a zombie). Pushups, diamond: Pushups with palms down, index fingers and thumbs touching to form a diamond between. Jump Squats: Squat and jump until feet are least 6 inches from the floor. Bodybuilders: Do a Jumping Jack; squat down, place hands on floor; shoot feet back and do a Pushup; hop feet back to squat position and stand up — that’s one. Pikes: Lay flat on your back; pull knees to chest then fire your legs straight up until the only thing touching the floor are your shoulder blades; bend knees and resume prone position. Jump Squats, split: Assume sprinter’s starting position; spring up, and while airborn, scissor legs in air so that you land with opposite foot is forward. Pushups, barrel roll: Do a Pushup; lift one hand and roll to crab-walk position; lift other hand and roll again, back to Pushup position. Bicycles: Crunches, moving your legs like a bicycler, knee touching opposite elbow with each ‘pedal.’ Burpees: squat down, place hands on floor; shoot feet back and do a Pushup; hop feet back to squat position and stand up. Twisters: Lay flat on back; sit up, pulling up knees at the same time, so that only butt touches floor; pat the floor with your hands, first on left, then on right; lay flat and repeat. Wall Touches: Jump up and slap a wall as high as you can. Pushups, hopping/clapping: you got this one, right?

  2. Robert, thanks for the clarity! I own several Beachbody workouts, but I’m bored with them…well, not so much bored with them as I am waiting to try Focus T-2. In the meantime, I want to give something new a try. This should fit the bill.

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