Modern Knowledge: Martial Arts for Change

Once again Disinfo has gotten my wheels turning.  This time they’ve done it by posting the video below, in which Chris Russak and David Whitehead from Modern Knowledge illustrate a couple of martial arts moves and discuss the concept of redirected and reflected force as it relates to both self-defense and resistance against corporatism, Big Brother, and the military industrial complex.

Martial arts are at their best when they serve some higher purpose, be it social, spiritual, or developmental.  Without it they are just a scientific approach to hurting people.

Hurting people is easy.  Changing the world is hard.

As the late great Joe Lewis once said to me after a training session, “Mitch, if a guy has to study martial arts to learn how to kick someone’s ass, well that’s just sad.  Martial arts should be about more than that, and besides, a guy should just naturally be able to kick ass if he needs to.”

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